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Jimmy RFR

Cloud issues on re-install

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So today I decided to do a re-install of P3Dv2...  I wanted to get to the bottom of a few texture issues that seemed to be the cause of FTX Global, but I wanted to be sure.


So now, upon re-installation, I seem to have some serious issues with clouds.  They look extremely flat & they rotate significantly when I pan my viewpoint around.  I am very sure that I have 'Detailed clouds' enabled, this was actually the first thing I checked.  The clouds weren't behaving like this before; previously they had seemed very similar to the FSX clouds (except I have alternate cloud textures installed in FSX, and I do not in P3D).  I even fired up FSX to check to see if I was imagining things - I was not; the clouds in FSX do not behave like these do now.


In addition, enabling or dis-enabling the volumetric fog seems to make little difference now; previously it made a huge difference in the maximum visibility.


I've posted about this on the LM forums, but does anyone have a suggestion?


I've reinstalled twice, and I've also cleaned out the shaders cache and tried changing all the possible relevant settings.

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I gotta say, this is hugely disheartening. I wish I could figure it out. I can understand people's frustration when they say they get burnt out - this time I'm feeling the same.

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clouds. They look extremely flat & they rotate significantly when I pan my viewpoint around. I am very sure that I have 'Detailed clouds' enabled, this was actually the first thing I checked.


I also suddenly felt I 'got' this effect, and learned to live with it. Tonight I went back in and tried to figure why I had not seen this on first install.


For me it was Settings/Display/Wide-view Aspect Ratio ticked ON (first install it was off, I ticked it on after getting EZdok running, as my FSX preset views were all in wide-view). With Wide-view Aspect Ratio ON the spinning of clouds is very noticeable. I turned Wide-view Aspect Ratio OFF again, and can now barely notice the effect. It is still there moving forward (EZDOK+TIR)and looking upwards and steeply downwards, but because ones FOV is less, looking out in most normal in-flight viewing directions, it's not visible. One would really only be looking high upwards / steep downwards like that to scan for aircraft I guess, but that's not going to help in clouds much either!


Somehow in the back of my mind I recall one can customize FOV as well, so maybe FOV requires balancing with the Wide-View Aspect set to on.


Please give yourself a break from re-installs. In all my years of simming I have never reinstalled a Sim except when changing CPU / Machine. Clearing the config file, clearing shaders, deleting un-used directories, deleting/uninstalling poor add-ons, etc always suffices for me. Sure it means getting to know your Sim's directories, and what are critical "never-delete" files - once you know that there is nowhere really something can "hide" away that will fundamentally break a Sim. Sure saves time for flying!



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Robin, thanks for your thoughtful reply.  I noticed that you had provided input on the LM forums as well, and I've replied / posted over there.

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