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Condensing and Dissipating Clouds - All Standard Stuff

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Our next beta posting will introduce our new Cloud Smoothing software. The new Cloud Smoothing was previously earmarked for the OpusFSI upgrade in 2014, this software preserves all localised cloud coverage during weather updates and hence prevents all major cloud popping during the weather updates.


The Opus on-screen weather reports will append an (S) label to all cloud descriptions to warn the user that Cloud Smoothing is in force at that location and the listed cloud layers may therefore differ from what is displayed in the simulator. Cloud Smoothing is automatically inhibited at all specified Destination and Alternate sites so this feature will not detract from the excellent accurate weather at your Destination. We have also improved the accuracy of the reported cloud layering, the injected visibility layering, and the weather at the specified Destination site.


We recommend users set a Cloud Draw Distance of between 60 and 100 miles in the simulator. The lower settings of 60 to 80 miles will be adequate for low level VFR, and anything from 70 to 100 miles for high level flying.



All clouds at or near to the range of the Cloud Draw Distance will either condense into view or dissipate out of view as you fly toward or away from them.




The OpusFSX LWE has ALWAYS provided this effect which is after all natural and direct consequence of using the Opus pioneered Dynamic Weather Themes with the FSX and Prepar3D simulators.



I thought I should mention this because some people have been claiming or hinting that this is a completely new effect, which of course it is not and has always been available with the OpusFSX weather engine.


Stephen  :biggrin:

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If you want to see clouds condense and dissipate to their fullest extent then I recommend a Cloud Draw Distance of 60 miles for low level VFR and 70 or 80 miles for high level flying.

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We have NOT included dynamic control of the cloud draw distance as we feel this has absolutely NO benefit to the user and we prefer to just recommend settings and let the user adjust in accordance with their personal preference or system performance.

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Testing is near complete on Beta Version 3.38.0 and the new Cloud Smoothing so we will most likely post it today or tomorrow.


Stephen :-)

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