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Taxi Light and Mouse Look Solved

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I was looking to see if anyone had the issue of no working Taxi Lights or the Mouse Look feature not working. As I was looking I ran into a post over the issue of Click Spots. The recommended solution was to re-activate Window Aero. Now normally I would have blown that off since FSX is loaded on the same computer ao if one is effected so should the other right? Well no!


I applied the below steps, reloaded P3Dv2 and:


1. Go to Control Panel
2. Click on System and Security
3. Click on System
4. On the side panel: Click on Advanced System Settings

This will open a settings window. The first option is Performance. Click on Settings.
This will open another settings window and you will find yourself on the Visual Effects tab.
Select Adjust for Best Appearance. (If your computer is set to allow Windows to determine the best visual effect for you, it will turn off Aero if it decides your performance rating is too low.)
Click Apply or OK.
You'll have to manually restart now for the changes to take effect.


Double checked FSUIPC switch setup:
Taxi Light = Toggle Taxi Lights
Mouse Look = Mouselook Toggle


The Taxi Lights now work - Still not bright or shiny, but you can see the lamps work and now they are not tied into the landing lights.

The Mouselook works like a champ. If you just want to be able to look around and turn switches on and off, this works for me. Mouse Look Toggle will give you the cross hair with the left mouse click.

So hopefully this works for all that were having this issue!


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