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  1. First look at a lot of youtube vids on the basics of X-Plane 11. A lot of good people have taken the time to help your learning curve be much faster. Once you have the hang of X-Plane take a look at this: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29120-ortho4xp/ Awesome what it does, but you need to understand what and how to make this work. The nice thing about X-Plane unlike FSX through P3D, their is a lot of really good freeware made and being made (look at the 737 Zibo mod). Again their is a few youtube vids on Ortho4xp to walk you through how to make an area really look sharp.
  2. Have you ever sat down to do something, then to discover that things do not work that used to? You then start looking on the web for explanations as who else may have had your same problem, only to find crickets to those who may have had your problem but no one responded, especially those that are selling or creating the product that you paid for. Case in point the Duke 60 I purchased and immediately after loading could not get the gauges to function and the props did not spin, not to mention no sound. I even contacted RWDesign and nothing. Three months later I purchased a ToLiss A319 only to have the main landing gear missing and all the doors open. Again I look and I try to see if their is someone else who may have this issue. NADA! Finally, this week I have solved both these issues, due to a new issue I had with my autopilot not working on any aircraft I had. Someone suggested I look at my SASL add-on and update it, come to find out my plugin folder had 3 SASL's plugins in it. I removed 2 of them leaving the most current and SHAZAMM! My Duke 60 and my ToLiss A319 worked as they should, but Allais, my autopilot issue I could not fix, After a few days of beating my head against my computer case I finally decided to reinstall X-Plane and all is working as it should. So here is my recommendation that I imagine most of you already knew: 1. Make a back up of X-Plane folder after you have it first installed and all updates have been made. 2. Be careful with add-ons, I think the main reason for my problems is I just this spring got into X-Plane and did the old what is the best free add-ons for X-Plane to loaded them all with out checking to see if they had issues with other programs. 3. If you add something, Stop! First do a test with a couple of planes to see if everything is still working, does the sound still work, do cockpit controls mimick your flight control movements? Does your mouse on a control do what it is supposed to? Is your graphics doing what they are supposed to? Does your aircraft look like it is supposed to outside and inside? 4. If something is wrong, look at your Add-On folder and see if you have a duplicate of something they may conflict with what was already there. 5. If you have an issue, first uninstall what you just added. Do another test flight. If the problem is resolved you know there is something specifically with that add-on and here is where you can look and post for an answer. 6. If your test work and all is good, BACKUP your X-plane folder! By following these steps it may save you a butt load of aggravation!
  3. Weather so far has been clear blue and 22. Yes did try a autoland and it is OK, but you will get a 500 FPM or better rate. As for not buying the FF A320, looked at some you tube reviews and no one really commented on the landings, it was not until I was checking things out specifically on that topic, that I was seeing others were having a problem too. None of the FSX or P3D versions has the flight instability of this, also you cannot make it go into Direct Law like you can with FSX or P3D versions.
  4. I purchased this over the weekend and loved it right up until I had to land it. My first landing rate was 700FPM and the lowest I have been able to achieve is 400 and that is rare. I have read others have had similar issues due to the autopilot once disconnected just before landing, it is like trying to land a drunk plane. Does anyone know of a mod or tweak that can calm this plane down once you disconnect the AP, and unlike the other versions I have flown, once you touch the controls the autopilot says "I'm out!" Oscillations are not realistic!
  5. I was able to fix this problem by changing permissions of the Navigraph folder that Carenado installs.
  6. Normally not done until you do something wrong. Think of it like driving your car, license not looked at every time you get into your car, but get into an accident everything better be in order. To rent a plane you will need your card on you.
  7. For years I have been a big supporter of flying Tubes, 727, 737, A321 and such but after a while it seemed to be a grind. I then when got bored jump to another VA thinking that would be the answer. Finally I took a break, about 2 years and now back into it only not the same. I always looked at General Aviation as a nice distraction but not the meat of my hobby. I found FSeconomy and tried a few flights and found I liked flying 300 lbs of shrimp 80 miles, or picking up 7 pax and flying them in a C208. This lead me to look at purchasing some planes, the bonus is I found that most are not overly bank breaking as apposed to the standard tube liner versions. I just recently found a VA operation called " Elite Air Taxi," and flew my first flight from KORL to MYGF, with 7 pax in Caranado Cheyenne III and dealing with winds and TS at night. Yep blood pressure ticked up but pax happy we made it! My reason for posting here is when I got back into Simming again, I installed P3Dv4 and X-Plane XI, the beauty is both FSeconomy and Elite Air Taxi afford me the opportunity to not have to choose only one. So if you feeling stale flying tubes, hate paying almost $100 for a virtual plane then you might want to try General Aviation.
  8. Just looked up the cost for a salvaged Cessna 172 yoke, $345, with an Arduino kit, some pieces parts for gears, springs and bearings, you could build one for under $500. So I have to agree, not affordable nor reasonable!
  9. I have been simming long time, took my breaks, and now I am getting back into Virtual Flying again. My problem is I am tired of tubelining, I started playing with FSeconomy and Air Hauler II, but I miss the interaction that flying with an airline can give. Is there an Aircharter that would be the Delta or TWA before they got big out there. A general aviation type Part 135 operation that fly's word not allowed and trash, but provides a forum of interchange of just plain old BSing on TS. I know I sound like I want my cake and pie together, but I would thin that I am not the only one who would like to take that 45 minute hop in my Cessna 404 to deliver a 4-surveyors to a small strip in "nowhereville" and then fly to pick up some courier documents needed in 3 hours to Austin. Any leads would be appreciated!
  10. This too for me has been a big disappointment! I will never buy another product from RWDesigns, no customer support!
  11. Last night I purchased the Beechcraft 60 and was found that many gauges did not work, switches did not work even though I had the "hand" symbol indicating it was an active switch and too boot the X-plane would crash after trying to select other items on the panel. I have read and looked for answers especially to those that have had similar problems but I did not even see the dev offer help. So enough belly aching, before I throw this into the proverbial dust bin. I did notice that this plane has a recip and turbine version, is it possible split a x-plane file so that I have a turbine folder version and a recip folder version? Also, even though the sales pitch says x-plane 11 compliant, if this was a X-Plane 10 file, is their anything that I can try to ensure that I have the needed files for this to work in X-plane 11 ?
  12. As an avid flight simmer who touted Prepar3D ver 1 over FSX and SE, I have come to stark realization that I really like X-Plane! When Version 11 came out I was not that impressed, but after hearing some of my friends tell me to check it out just recently, I reloaded and can say that I am now very impressed. The one thing I noted right off the bat was that I was able to set up my Logitech X-56 controls along with my Saitek rudder in just a few short minutes without having to revert to FSUIPC. Load time and FPS - Awesome, Plugins and the availability of free quality plugins I wish P3D could do. X-Plane 11 I am going to start leaning more on and weaning myself off P3D. Why you may ask? Simple, even though X-Plane does not have the 3rd Party developers like FSX or P3D, Research is doing a pretty damn good job and I think after looking at other sources its add ons will only become more available. Things I would like to see in 3rd Party as soon as possible: A quality weather add-on. More quality commercial planes (X-Plane is still pretty General Aviation Heavy) That is really at this time I can say that I would like to see soon! So if you haven't tried X-Plane 11 lately, I recommend giving it another shot!
  13. Installed it last night, everything works but do agree that the flight dynamics need a tweek, a 280 knt 1800 fpm decent with the power levers back should not become an overspeed issue. But at leasr this company is making efforts to move beyond!
  14. Yes it is scary, but you know what if it is your hobby then that is who you are!
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