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LINDA doesn't work with PMDG777

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Hello guys,


I'm experiencing some issues with LINDA and the PMDG777 currently. :(


I get the following messages from the LINDA console:


[E] LUA.2:  ---> ERROR:: MCP configs not found for current aircraft!
[E] *** LUA Error: D:\FSX\modules\linda/system/common.lua:9: attempt to index local 'actions' (a nil value)


I have the PMDG777 module installed and "active" in LINDA. My FSUIPC version is 4.926 and is "looking good". I have no problems using it with the Aerosoft Airbus Extended.

I had P3D v2 installed a week ago, but reverted back to FSX, so I did a complete new FSX and LINDA installation. (It worked with the 777 and FSX in the time before I tried P3D)


Hope someone can help. If you need more information, just say which one. ^_^

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