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  1. Hey guys, I am unable to download version 1.3 of the RealAir Turbine Duke module. It seems to me that there is only 1.1 available. Any suggestions? Or is anyone provide a new/working source for me to download this module?
  2. Thank you very much for your effort 👍
  3. I would also love to see a module for this aircraft, unfortunately my tries to do so were not successfull. To anyone, who is willing to make one: http://prntscr.com/jn58i2 this is from the QW forum, showing event IDs I hope this helps in any way.
  4. Hi Andrew, do you happen to know if anything has changed in this regard with the 64-bit release of the Q400? Thx
  5. Not in my case. LINDA detects the FSLabs A320 in the module sync box, but nothing else is working... When loading the Piper first, I also get problems with EZDOK.
  6. I mailed you the logs to the adress you provided in the fault diagnosis thread. If you need anything else, just say so ;)
  7. I installed the files you provided in this thread and the latest FSUIPC version 5.121c, but unfortunately it isn't working for me. How can I help? PS: Haven't tried loading a standard aircraft first, yet.
  8. Hi guys, I love LINDA and use it a lot with my MCP Combo and different aircraft. Unfortunately I failed making a profile by myself, so I'm asking this way if someone has a module for that aircarft or has plans on creating one? I noticed it has the same autopilot as the JS41, but as far as modules and functions go, I can't use the JS41 module for the Do228, can I? Thx and Greetings Daniel
  9. I'd like some help if you would provide it to me too ;)
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