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ASN Warning

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ASN Warning ...


If you have ASN installed and wish to use the OpusFSX Live Weather Engine (for realism purposes for instance) then please remember to remove and disable the ASN EXE and DLL files. This will also require removing the any entries within the simulator's EXE.xml and DLL.xml files.


The ASN DLL in particular is an invasive and proactive library. It will actively prevent other weather engines from functioning correctly and being able to control all aspects of the weather.


For instance, it will block all precipitation so you will not see any rain or snow falling.


Contrary to popular belief you DO see precipitation 'outside' of cloud, any RW pilot will attest to that. In the RW you WILL see precipitation as you approach nimbus (rain bearing) clouds, on occasions even when several miles away from the cloud. There are also 'virga' effects.


So please remember to remove and disable the ASN DLL prior to using any other weather engine.


Stephen :-)

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Update ...


We have had several people confirm that after uninstalling ASN the DLL is removed so there are no lingering problems. One obvious sign something is wrong is when you are sat on the ground and its reporting rain or snow in the Opus on screen weather report but there isn't any rain or snow falling. If that's the case then please check that the DLL is removed and not listed in the xml file.


Best get used to using the Opus weather reports, more useful and relevant in Beta 3.39.3. Not only can you check all the weather before flight, confirm the surface winds are as expected and all GRIB loaded, but you can monitor the simulators ambient wind during all phases of flight and even get advanced notice when your Destination weather is correct within the sim. The new (Actual) label appended to the Destination weather report on the QNH line indicates your Destination weather has been checked and validated within the sim.


Have a great holidays everyone and a very happy new year.


Stephen :-D

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