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empty weight question

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I realize this topic was posted in June of 2011 but I think it still needs some clarification.  I have the 8th edition CD, and I noticed that the cargo version has an empty weight of 19,021 lbs. which is what is listed on the the reference tab of the kneeboard.  The pax version has an empty weight of 16,125 lbs.  So you strip out the seats and galley and head to make a cargo version and you wind up with and aircraft that is almost 3,000 lbs heavier?


One of my fellow pilots at DC-3 Airways says, "I have the latest (10th edition) CD and all the .cfg files for both FS9 and FSX have the 16125 empty weight figure except for the FS9 C-47A "Sugar Blues" which has the 19021 empty weight. That file has a 7/25/2005 date and all the other ones are early 2007.

So all the empty weights were changed for some reason between those two dates. Whether that one FS9 model was just overlooked or purposely left as is I don't know."


So which one is the right empty weight?



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