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2D Cockpit View Position error

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Hello All


I hope someone can help me out with a self inflicted error I have made to my 2D Cockpit View Position.   I know this is something daft I have done but cant seem to get it to change back to the default view!


The problem is as follows.  when I startup the NGX737 on say London Gatwicks runway I seem to be staring straight at the concrete in front of me!.  The view looks like the pic in the attached Startup view file


If I then press Ctrl+Spacebar the view changes to the normal View Position (the one I would expect to see) - see attached "After Ctrl+SPACEBAR file attaached


If however I use the hat switch to look left or right when I let go the View reverts back to looking at the concrete straight in front of me


Clearly I have messed up the forward view from my 2D cockpit.  Can anyone tell me how to change it back - so that it stays correct?





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