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  1. Understood. Looking forward to it! Thanks
  2. Thanks gboz and Scot I was so doggedly sticking to the text of Brian 747s instructions I had it in my head that FSUIPC must handle all axis and LINDA all buttons. I will revert to using FSX directly for the POV (and have used FSUIPC in the past). Thanks for the clarification Best regards Paul
  3. Hello All I am a new LINDA User and am going through the process of setting up LINDA with FSX SE for the first time. I have read Brian 747s excellent Introducing LINDA document multiple times and have followed it. Firstly the required information so I can be helped 1. LINDA application version = Ver 2.9.3 2. LINDA Module Name and Version = MS FSX Default aircrafts Ver 1.0 3. FSX SE. Fresh install. I have FSUIPC (Registered copy) Version 4.964 installed. I have deleted the FSUIPC.ini file and let it create a new fresh one 4. Cessna 172 default version (although it doesn't seem to matter which default aircraft I load the same problem exists with any aircraft) 5. What was I trying to do? Well I'm on page 19 of Brian 747s instructions. I have configured my (brand new) controls (a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and Thrustmaster pedals - I splashed out! I also have a old CH Products yoke connected) and I have checked that they are both recognised by Windows and LINDA. They all are. All the axes, buttons, (and perhaps importantly for this problem?), the POV Hat on the Thrustmaster Joystick indicate properly in the WINDOWS 10 (64 bit version) Joystick - HOTAS Warthog Game Controllers properties window - where you can test buttons/axes POV etc. I have noticed that in this window my POV Hat is not as a button but as a POV Hat! Is this an important distinction as far as LINDA is concerned??)t. Anyway. What I was trying to do was setup the "vanilla" actions for fsx's default aircraft first in LINDA. Having firstly ensured that there were no axes or buttons assigned in FSX SE itself (by deleting every axis and button assignment in Normal and Slew modesvia Options Controls) and then checking that no buttons were assigned in FSUIPC (I used to use FSUIPC for that but now have LINDA). The first button/s I wanted to program was my POV button on my Thrustmaster joystick. When I pushed the POV to its 8 different positions they get recognised as H1: 1 to H8. I configured these as follos FSX DEFAULT AIRCRAFT - Documented Control Assignments Control Label No Assignment NOSE DOWN ↑ H1: 1 on FSX : PAN_UP:0 (in FSX standard controls) NOSE UP ↓ H1: 5 on FSX : PAN_DOWN:0 (in FSX standard controls) RWD → H1 :3 on FSX : PAN_RIGHT:0 (in FSX standard controls) LWD ←H1 :7 on FSX : PAN_LEFT:0 (in FSX standard controls) NONE ↗ H1:2 on FSX : PAN_RIGHT_UP:0 (in FSX standard controls) NONE ↖ H1:8 on FSX : PAN_LEFT_UP:0 (in FSX standard controls) NONE ↙ H1:6 on FSX : PAN_LEFT_DOWN:0 (in FSX standard controls) NONE ↙ H1:4 on FSX : PAN_RIGHT_DOWN:0 (in FSX standard controls) What the problem is as follows: Having saved the LINDA config the view (when using the POV on the joystick) in the aircraft seems to PAN straight UP and straight DOWN fine. It stops panning when I release the POV. It also PANS LEFT and RIGHT fine. However if I select either PAN RIGHT UP or PAN LEFT UP or PAN RIGHT DOWN or PAN LEFT DOWN the view movement is very jerky and when I release the POV button the view in the aircraft just keeps on panning long after I have released the POV button. I cant stop it from continuing to pan until it stops itself much later even though I have released the POV In LINDA I have set the Commands to occur ON PRESS and ON REPEAT but on release I have set Do nothing. For example; On Press On Repeat On Release H1: 1 FSX: PAN DOWN:0 FSX: PAN DOWN: 0 Do nothing I have no idea why the pan views in any default aircraft Virtual View will not pan up right/left or pan down right/left properly and why they don't stop panning when I release the POV on my Thrustmaster Joystick POV. Probably I am doing something silly - but I don't know what is causing this to happen???? Can you please help me ? Thanks Paul
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