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  1. Hi John,that answers my question and with such a solution I
  2. Hi Ray,I think you are right in in a formal juristic view. But what do I buy? Isn
  3. Hi John,28 hours ago I have sent you an e-mail to get a new registration number, but without any respons until now. That leads to a general question: why did I buy your program when I am not able to use it whenever I want? I am the owner and it is my program. According to the german rules for example that isn
  4. Hi Dan,thank you for this valuable information.
  5. Hi Craig,I would like to use your tutorial - I
  6. "You have selected 2992, but you haven't specified if the actual baro pressure at that time"Indeed, I have. The situation was the standard atmosphere, within the FS-weather and within the FSUIPC. And therefore the TZI should be in line with the horizontal line, but is not. And I don't know why. Does anybody know?Back to question 2. Now, after some tests and investigations, I'm cocksure that the reason for the deviation between the FS heading and the FMC heading is the differend magnetic declination between the FS navdata (which are based upon the magnetic declination from 1993) and the FMC navdata (which base upon the magnetic declination from 2005/2006). In this case (EDDH) it is 2 degrees. And that is what the ND shows. And that's the same reason for the differences between the FS and all the current charts. Responsable for all that is the file "magdec.bgl" within the "scenerybase" directory. And now my recommendation: A few days ago Herv
  7. If a current chart of rwy 23 says 229
  8. Hi Craig,thank you for your very detailed respons.There are two reasons why I asked this question here. First, some weeks ago there were no reason to ask question number one, all was as it should be: the altitude was indicated between 50 and 60 feet and - more important - the touchdown zone indicator was in one line with the current altitude indicator. Second, all other airplanes show the correct altitude of about 54 to 57 feet, now as before. You have explaned why there are altitude differences. So we can forget this issue. But why does the TZI show such a big difference? If I would set 29.89 instead of 29.92 the indication would be correct. At other places this difference was 29.87 to 29.92 - and that is a really big difference, I think.To my second question. You are right, it's only a small deviation of about two degrees. And therefore I assume that there are differences between the various datas which come together: from the afcad drawing (31
  9. 1. Who knows the reason for this false indication of the Touchdown Zone Indicator? The barometric pressure is 29.92 and the altitude at EDDH is 54 feet. See image 1.2. And who knows the reason for the difference between the heading of the indicated runway and the heading of the correct lined up airplane? EDDH runway 23, heading 231 degrees. See image 2.Thank you for your help.
  10. I had the same problem. And now after changing my settings I
  11. Hi Ray!What I mean is a text which comes in readable parts, according to the size of the green screen. As an example I
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