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  1. Have a look at transavia-virtual.com, you'll find them all .
  2. Andrew, i'd be glad to help (24/7) ! My help is free! lol. Im in holiday till august so anytime you need help, let me know. PS: save yourself those 79 bucks, and get explained the manuals.
  3. Really missing Marcelo, Gustavo Aguiar and Rich Sennett around here, with their great liveries: Guys where you at ?
  4. NEGATIVE. I'm talking about the 6V-AHO: so, the non winglet version. If possible....
  5. WOOOOOOOOOOW ! Mr O'duffy, you are the BEST !
  6. They look fantastic, i love the SAS one !
  7. HEY GUYS, How about that !These shots were taken while on the ground at LFMN, after a flight from LFPO. Now flying back at this very moment . IF you hear "Mauritanie 103" on the radio (IVAO), you can be sure its me ! THANK YOU STEVE !
  8. Hi Steve, is the livery already available at avsim ?
  9. MERCI BEAUCOUP MON AMI ! Very well done and believe me i've had a close look to what you've written on the fuselage and its the real thing ! CONGRATS and thank you.
  10. Really ? but i'm not pretending they are mine, i'm just showing a nice shot taken by someone else: it saves people some time. But if its Illegal over here.....i'll just stop.Sad days ahead of us, less and less rights for posters......
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