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  1. Have a look at transavia-virtual.com, you'll find them all .
  2. Really missing Marcelo, Gustavo Aguiar and Rich Sennett around here, with their great liveries: Guys where you at ?
  3. NEGATIVE. I'm talking about the 6V-AHO: so, the non winglet version. If possible....
  4. WOOOOOOOOOOW ! Mr O'duffy, you are the BEST !
  5. They look fantastic, i love the SAS one !
  6. HEY GUYS, How about that !These shots were taken while on the ground at LFMN, after a flight from LFPO. Now flying back at this very moment . IF you hear "Mauritanie 103" on the radio (IVAO), you can be sure its me ! THANK YOU STEVE !
  7. Hi Steve, is the livery already available at avsim ?
  8. MERCI BEAUCOUP MON AMI ! Very well done and believe me i've had a close look to what you've written on the fuselage and its the real thing ! CONGRATS and thank you.
  9. Really ? but i'm not pretending they are mine, i'm just showing a nice shot taken by someone else: it saves people some time. But if its Illegal over here.....i'll just stop.Sad days ahead of us, less and less rights for posters......
  10. Theses are my favorites, what you think Jokerswild !?
  11. FAAAANTABULOUS !!! thanks for the update !
  12. Oh come on man ! Don't take it as a personal attack i have around 10 SWA liveries thanks to you (with the "spirit of" series etc): You are doing a nice job, undeniable! So lets calm down .
  13. Hi my friend!I totally agree with you, I'm not going to argue with you since we are on the same wave length :(. And don't get me wrong i'm not tired of seeing KLM, Transavia, or SAS: I LOVE THEM MATE ! Its just that sometime i get frustrated because Africa is like a DEEEEP HOLE in this sim thing but i gotta say that i've asked Ryan and and Robert and PMDG to put out the Asky livery and they did it: so Thank you!!! No anger at all in my post . Hope you understand what i meant in the previous post. And yes the guy right above has accepted to do it and i'm more than thankful for that. RegardsPS: and thanks for your subscription, really appreciate it! FAAAAANTABULOUS !!!! You made my day ! I know a couple of some friends of mine who will appreciate it ! I've PM'ed you !
  14. Hi guys,We Always see same companies from the same countries! Could someone being open-minded do this one please?
  15. Hi captain,I got one for ya:http: //www.hdtextures.net/Thats my favorite one !
  16. I'd say: CHECKOUT MY CHANNEL and look for the video named "The ultimate fsx collection".Otherwise you have :Bergen cloud9stavanger aerosofttrondheim aerosoftoslo aerosofthave fun !
  17. FANTASTIC MAN ! Been on Avsim but can't find the files ...
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