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  1. For some reason all of my screens in this livery are loading black (not blue like they are off, but black like they don't exist) and there is zero power to the aircraft. I'm set up to load NGXSHORT as my default. I tried to re-load the panel state. Everything loads up, but I get fire alarms. When I try to deactivate them through failures page, they just keep coming back. I loaded another livery and I don't have any issues. The plane loads as normal and everything is fine. It only happens when I load this specific livery. I've tried loading a default aircraft first, I've tried loading this from the top, I've tried loading another ngx and then this...but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas folks? thanks, -Dan Burke
  2. Mike, 10R re-opened (for commercial jet traffic) on September 18th, 2014. Ray Smith's KFLL wasn't released until 10/3/14. My previous update and flight from KFLL was on cycle 1412 with a 777 from KFLL to ENGM. Everything worked like a dream. Something happened in the updated to 1413 and in the revisions to the file specifically for 1413 v3 that navigraph released. Again, I believe I might have updated the revision of 1413 v2 to 1413 v3 while FSX was opened, and possibly had a 777 loaded. This may have caused the issue. -Dan Burke-
  3. This is interesting Mike. My Airport_Rwy file was showing as dated 12/17/14 as well. However, I did update to V3 of 1413 after this date I believe. It looks like maybe when I updated to v3 of the 1413 AIRAC, something must have gone amiss. Its REALLY strange for me that the incident was only focused on the 777 though. My NGX didn't show ANY signs of the same problem. The only thing I can think that might have happened is if I inadvertantly updated the AIRAC while my PMDG 777 was loaded in FSX. Maybe this caused something with-in the 777 to not regenerate a file to match the new NAV files since the 777 was loaded in the game during the update. I am ALWAYS cautious to make sure I have FSX closed when I update anything, but maybe I had a flight at a gate on pause in the back ground and didn't pay attention. Anyways, issue is fixed! Thank you all again!! -Dan Burke-
  4. Thank you Kyle for your reply, but I didn't really apprecaite your tone. I am the one with the issue here and I will be the judge of whether or not I am wasting my time. Every option is still an option until the option is exhausted through some sort of trial and error. While I appreciate your knowledge, it certainly wasn't in vain for me to pull the add-on. It takes 2 seconds to pull 2 Bgl files out of the add-on folder. To reply to your post from earlier...I did have a route in my 777 route from KFLL, but the runway was not specificed in the plan. It was actually though this route I discovered the issue several days ago. I will try deleting the above mentioned file and report back... thank you, -Dan Burke- The issue is resolved! Thank you Mike777 for the information about deleting the ARPT_RWY.dat file and thank you Kyle for confirming this! Much Appreciated for everyone's assistance! -Dan Burke-
  5. I have never heard of Makerwys before....I have never used that before. This is the first time i have had this issue and it seems to ONLY have an issue with the 777. I just took out the files from my add-on scenery folder to return to the FSX default KFLL and I am still having the issue. Again, nothing shows up in the arrivals or departures page. This is with AIRAC 1413 v. 3. It didn't seem to be an issue with the prior AIRAC cycle for PMDG products. Tomorrow a new cycle should be released, so I guess I'll just wait until then. What is the Makerwys you speak of? -dan burke-
  6. All, As I stated earlier, it works fine with my PMDG 737. So I then closed FSX, reopened and loaded my 777 at the gate. Same issue. The same error occurs every time. I open the route page to input my departure and destination. As soon as I input the departure as KFLL, I get the error in the scratch pad. Then, if I go to the Departure/Arrival page, there is not any departure information for KFLL. None of the runways or SIDS are showing. Downscc: Are you also using the 1413 v3 of navigraph and Ray Smiths updated KFLL scenery? if you aren't using the same material, then the results might differ. I would expect nothing to be wrong with the navigraph information or Ray Smiths scenery file as I said, my PMDG 737 works just fine at the same airport with the same add-ons and AIRAC Cycle. -Dan Burke-
  7. Hi All, I have updated my FMS data with navigraph to the latest 1413 v3 revision. I use the Navigraph Update Data manager to install the files via "All PMDG Products". I also have a KFLL airport add-on (Freeware from Ray Smith via avsim.com) installed which includes the new 10R/28L runway. With my PMDG 737 the FMC has no problem with loading departure/arrival information for KFLL. However with my PMDG 777, if I choose KFLL as the departure airport, I get a message in the scratch pad telling me: "KFLL ERR: 10R RWY N/A". Now, I know that the nav data must be ok as it loads fine with my PMDG 737. Is there some disconnect between my add-on airport Nav Data and PMDG 777 that can be fixed here? I am kind of at a loss for what to do.... Thanks, -Dan Burke-
  8. This is your problem. The yoke only controls the ailerons and the horizontal stabilizer with the auto rudder turned off, not the nose wheel or the rudder. I have a joystick and if I have auto rudder off, I can move my joystick from side to side while taxiing and the ailerons move up and down with no change to the direction of the aircraft...however, if I have auto rudder on, and move the joy stick from side to side it causes the aircraft to turn. Luckily, my joystick acts as a tiller by twisting it from left to right so I can have the auto rudder off and it causes me no issues as I can steer while taxiing. It sounds like you may need to get rudder pedals or a joystick to work in combination with your yoke as I don't think your yoke is going to twist to turn the plane! Does this make sense? -Dan Burke-
  9. While this might be true, its quite impossible to connect the ground power in the NGX without having use of the FMC....so in turn, you'd still have to hold the menu button as mentioned above to connect the ground power..... -Dan Burke-
  10. There is an EASY fix for this problem. Pressing Ctrl+E will reset the engine and allow it to become responsive again. Someone above posted the pressed this to open the door, however that command is SHIFT+E. CTRL+E is the key command for engine start in basic planes for FSX and for some reason, if you get an unresponsive engine with the 20% n1, (i have before) pressing Ctrl+E seems to "restart" the engine and it adjusts properly and becomes responsive. This only works if you start the engine manually through proper procedures and once the engine is "running" although unresponsive, pressing Ctrl+E will reset itDan Burke
  11. Anyone keen on doing a Southwest 737-600? I know they don't actually fly the 600, but since the 600 is the replacement of the 500, it would be nice to have all three models...Thanks,~DAN BURKE~
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