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  1. I've noticed that I have to have L off, R on to get to start pressure; w APU bleed on; crossbleed auto or open. Joe
  2. Another dumb question: Ops Center is Livery Mgr? thanks in advance, Joe
  3. Excetllent rivet rash, Chris!! Thanks!Joe
  4. Colleagues,Are there plans to model the American 738 in throwback Astrojet livery? (I think its nose number is 3CF.)Thanks,Joe
  5. I'm checking to see if I have a prior version CD and if I do I'll post, if that's OK with JD.
  6. Would it be possible to add them from a prior version? If so, is there an easy way to let us know which files should be transferred and to which directories. As another thought, could we just overwrite the entire winwood directory with an older one without unleashing the dogs of war?Joe
  7. I know there have been posts about pre-rec. chatter but I couldn't find a reference to this question:On my RC4/FS9 setup running pre-rec chatter seems to have less variation than previous versions (e.g. SFO area had unique SFO-appropriate ground, C-D, tower, approach chatter which now does not play on RC4.) Was this an intentional change or did some of my winwood files not load properly?Thanks for any help,Joe
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