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  1. Hi Guys, I'm getting this error when installed the Content on V4.4, is there any fix for it? Stating the cabinet file is not digitally signed. Indicates the file may be corrupt? Regards,
  2. Hi guys, I’ve been trying to use the replay function within Chaseplane recently to record some landings and takeoffs etc. however it’s not really working as I thought it would. I know the function is still be improved and updated I appreciate that, but when I see others use it on their videos, I can never do the same. It says that markers are shown whenever flaps or gear or anything else is used, however mine does not show those. The flaps are not animated or gear in the replay function. For example, if I take off and then use the replay function for that takeoff, the displays on the aircraft are wrong and don’t show what I saw on takeoff, and not animations work. Is this normal? And if not, how do I fix it? Thanks,
  3. Hi Guys, I'm using Chaseplane with Prepar3D V4 and really like using the Middle Mouse button to pan around the cockpit. However, this has randomly stopped working even though it's selected in the options. Can you help me to resolve this at all? Thanks!
  4. Hi Everyone, Unfortunately, I have followed the video but it is still not showing up for me, any advice?
  5. Hi Romain, thank you for this. I was fully aware of this I think NADP2 is the most common found. But still, even at 1000 ft AAL, when I call 'Bug Up', the PM does respond but there is a delay in him actually setting the Bug Up speed.
  6. Hi Bryan, I've been away from my computer today but I remembered something that I noticed yesterday with SOP 3 when using this brilliant add-on (Which I honestly really appreciate your help and understanding). When I have asked the PM for the 'Bug-up' speed, there seems to be a significant delay in him doing so, and it appearing on the PFD speed tape, not sure if others have noticed this delay as I will call for 'Bug Up' when passing 1000 ft AAL. I believe that is the correct point to do it in SOP 3? Would there be any chance of shortening the delay at all? Many thanks, please accept my apologies for lots of my posts at the moment, trying to get used to the add-on Tristan
  7. Hi Romain, I've just tried a takeoff in the NGX and it will not accept me saying 'After Takeoff Checklist' even after I've set STD and said FLIGHT LEVEL XXX SET etc.. Hopefully Bryan can help me on this one further.
  8. Yes I say it after the flaps are fully retracted and after I say 'Bug Up'. In the main FS2Crew Window it says 'After Takeoff Checklist'. Thank you for your help so far!
  9. Weird! Ok.... the second issue is when I say 'After Takeoff Checklist' it doesn't do anything...? And also the Altimeters are a weird thing.
  10. Two little bits to add... Very confused about the bit in the manual where it says the PF should ask for Gear Up with no indication from the PM of Positive Rate? Surely it should be PM: 'V1, Rotate... Positive Rate' ... PF: 'Gear Up'? And also, I've had this issue before but it's not liking the way I say After? It thinks I'm saying Auto..?
  11. Hi Bryan, Another quick question from me.. I've selected Headset Audio Device to my headphones, yet the sound from the F/O calls are coming from my speakers..? Would it be possible to get the sound from the F/O through to my headphones to replicate using the intercom system? Many thanks,
  12. Hi Bryan, Thanks for getting back to me, I have Windows 10 so not sure where I am able to find this but I have definitely changed something in the 'Speech' area regarding UK to US. Thanks, I think I've fixed it.. little did I know that you can still access the OLD Control panel style in Windows 10. Simply type 'Control Panel' when pressing the start button and you'll find the speech settings there.
  13. Dear Bryan, Happy New Year firstly, and apologies for this question again and again but I did some digging on the forum last night and have done everything that was suggested regarding the language speech settings. I've changed the setting to English-US but it is still giving me an error message when activating the voice on the FS2Crew Config window. Wanted to submit a support ticket but again, not sure where to find this. I do apologise! Hope you can help me out Regards, Tristan
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