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Is My System Compensating for the Graphics Card?

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Strange one this. My system is new, and high end, i7 quad core, overclocked and running at 4.2 Mhz, 8GB memory. I asked for a GTX Nvidia graphics card too, but I now believe that it has been faulty and that I have been using the onboard graphics card, an Intel 4600 HD, all along.At first I was really angry, I had an earlier issue, I thought I'd killed the motherboard, and I know little about BIOS and CMOS, so although I've tried to get the card to work its no good, I will return it, but I'm not keen to tinker with my system anymore. Last thing I want to do is kill the PC or upset FSX! 


Thing is, I have all the scenery sliders maxed out and always have. Not the water effects, I pulled those back a bit, and I don't want lots of traffic, so they're scaled back a bit too (except for commercial aviation traffic, which is maxed out). I know the Nvidia isn't working, because I've now removed it. 


On autogen areas everything is smooth, even over New York, Los Angeles etc at high speed, both low and high. The only stutter I get is a slight but persistent one over UK2000's Mega London scenery, and the occasional twitch at Heathrow mega scenery (I dialled the sliders back to 80% but it remained the same, so its now back at 100%). 


Whether I risk all the potential pitfalls of installing a replacement card I don't know, since FSX is working fine for me and I know very little about hardware installation. There are little things now and then, actually, sometimes a cloud replaces itself or the PAPI lights appear as a black square just  for an instant. But they are quite rare. 


Is my system compensating for the lack of a dedicated graphics card do you think?





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