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Tom Allensworth

Forum Status - Mandatory Reading

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We are noticing an increase in hostile threads, flaming, baiting and otherwise objectionable posts in this and the Hangar forum. Some of these are contributed to, if not enflamed by, old time members who know better. We have tried to control those threads that go south as quickly as we can. But, we are not here 24 x 7 x 365, and we and as a result, we are about to start taking harsher measures than just locking a thread or deleting it. I am putting everyone who is tempted to take a shot at their fellow forum members, enflame or otherwise violate our policies (READ http://forums.avsim.net/toc.html), that we will start banning those who are guilty of this behavior. Remember, we have a one strike rule. We have not exercised it as much as we probably should have, but that is about to change.If that means we reduce our membership by 50% as a result, and some old time members get the boot, too bad. At least we'll have forums where mutual respect is achieved. Please take heed and do not force us to remove you if you are one of those described above.

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