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Missing ATC Sound Files?

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Hello everyone,Not too long ago I was playing around with EditVoicePack and during the save process something went awry and it never finished. Me being the genius never made a backup (as per directions) and so now whenever I go to talk to ATC I can only here what the controller and AI aircraft are saying, not what I am saying. I can still see what everyone says in the ATC window, but it would be nice to have my voice back I've already tried restoring to defaults in EditVoicePack and to no avail it stayed the same. I've also tried deleting the FS9.cfg as that also was a let down. Tonight I then tried taking the "usenglishbig.gvp" and its two other corresponding files, "usenglishsmall.gvp" and "usenglishASOS.gvp" from the flight simulator CD (Disk 2) and overwriting the preceedingly mentioned files. After this I went to run FS and the problem still persists. I've tried updating the newly replaced files in EditVoicePack and still to no avail, I have no voice. I've read the ReadMe that came with EVP and I haven't found anything that relates to my issue. (And quite honestly I don't even know if it is EVP, but that is where it started after an unsuccessful attempt at adding a voice pack I downloaded.)Has anyone else experienced this problem, or knows a way to correct it?Thanks in advance,Jason

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