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  1. Splash_One

    "Forced max_lod=13" and slow load

    Oh alrighty, I'm in FS9.I wonder if cbuchner1 has missed this thread? He is active on the board posting other replies...
  2. Splash_One

    "Forced max_lod=13" and slow load

    >guys, that's what I was experiencing post SP1. If you go>uninstall SP1 you ought to get much, much better loading of>tiles (for slow planes still)Are you talking about FS9 or FSX?
  3. Splash_One

    "Forced max_lod=13" and slow load

    After takeoff, the immediate area is fully loaded, and the further out I go, the blurrier it gets.If I go a few minutes out, it is completely a mess. I need to pause the game for 5-10 minutes for it to get crisp in the new area that I'm in.So it does update, albeit very, very slowly.
  4. Hey Folks,After a few hours yesterday of gazing (and drooling) over TileProxy, I decided to load up my dusty FS9 and give it a whirl. It loaded slowly, as I have read, so I expected that.I took off and it was beautiful-- but only for the immediate surrounding area. I thought maybe switching to a different server would help but alas they all were the same. I browsed and searched the forum but failed to find any results.I carefully watched the TP window as I loaded it up before and saw that it said "Forced max_lod=13". I looked in the manual and didn't find anything. In the ProxyUser file, I have it set for 14, and originally 15. Downgrading it to 14 didn't change the load rate.Also, during the loading process, they highest have seen it was at 23.7 per second, and a one time spike to 200 per second. In the game, it averages around 15 per second.I've killed my antivirus and firewall as well as all other running programs, and now I'm out of ideas. Any insight on this? I'd love to fly around in an area bigger than the immediate airport surroundings=]Thanks in advance,Jason
  5. Splash_One

    Left-hand traffic too ?

    >I hope they will have animated people in them talking on the>cell phone .... :(>http://mywebpages.comcast.net/geofa/pages/rxp-pilot.jpg..and let us hope they do not forgot those who put makeup on behind the wheel! }(
  6. Splash_One

    Cessna 172N Checklists

    You can go to your local Staples/Officemax (or anywhere similar for that matter) and have them scan and print it out for a few cents... =)
  7. Splash_One

    Looking for a short/mini-film

    Thanks very much hitchhiker, exactly what I was looking for! =)--Jason
  8. Splash_One

    Looking for a short/mini-film

    Hey folks,About a year ago I saw this animated mini-film online about this one guy (not a human) who, while not at his terrible factory job, worked on these binocular-like contraptions that would allow him to look into the past at his happy childhood (playing with children on a spinning park ride). Also, when he looked through them, everything which was imperfect turned perfect. He then perfected them and mass-marketed them (I believe in a yellow box with a happy face on it), with people celebrating him. I believe, after his creation, after he became almighty and well-known, life wasn't as good as he thought it would be-- once again fading out to his happy childhood memories.If any of you have seen this and know what is it called or its location, that'd be great if you can share. It's just one of those things that have been bugging me and will not go away.Thanks,Jason(Apologies for this being quite off-topic.)
  9. Splash_One

    Protection Error?

    I've recently been get the message, "Protection Error" after reinstalling FlightDeckSFX for the first time in a while. It used to work flawlessly, however when I go to open its window via Shift + #, the computer freezes completely, or I get a small taskbar window that says Protection Error, then FS closes. I've tried it in multiple aircraft and they all get the same error.Any ideas?Thanks,Jason
  10. Splash_One

    Missing ATC Sound Files?

    Problem Solved!Had to delete file: Evp_Accelerated.gvp All is well again.Jason
  11. Splash_One

    Missing ATC Sound Files?

    Hey,Yes, it is selected. Still no pilot voice...Thanks anyway, any other ideas?Jason
  12. Splash_One

    Missing ATC Sound Files?

    Hello everyone,Not too long ago I was playing around with EditVoicePack and during the save process something went awry and it never finished. Me being the genius never made a backup (as per directions) and so now whenever I go to talk to ATC I can only here what the controller and AI aircraft are saying, not what I am saying. I can still see what everyone says in the ATC window, but it would be nice to have my voice back I've already tried restoring to defaults in EditVoicePack and to no avail it stayed the same. I've also tried deleting the FS9.cfg as that also was a let down. Tonight I then tried taking the "usenglishbig.gvp" and its two other corresponding files, "usenglishsmall.gvp" and "usenglishASOS.gvp" from the flight simulator CD (Disk 2) and overwriting the preceedingly mentioned files. After this I went to run FS and the problem still persists. I've tried updating the newly replaced files in EditVoicePack and still to no avail, I have no voice. I've read the ReadMe that came with EVP and I haven't found anything that relates to my issue. (And quite honestly I don't even know if it is EVP, but that is where it started after an unsuccessful attempt at adding a voice pack I downloaded.)Has anyone else experienced this problem, or knows a way to correct it?Thanks in advance,Jason
  13. A Plane Is Born- I loved that show. A nice mix of building, flying, and some (cheap/corny?) humor mixed in. Jason
  14. Splash_One

    Santa's flight test

    :-lol thats hilarious!
  15. Splash_One

    My Little Brother has Brain Cancer

    John, Kurtis, Chris, Ken, Joe, Fred and Tom,I thank you all so much for your support.Upon turning my cell phone on after school today, I heard the best news so far- his brain tumor has been officially been declared at Grade II by the pathologists and oncologist, which means it is treatable with Chemo and Radiation, and he falls into the 'high-survival' group of patients.I also wish to think you for all of your prayers, and to please keep on praying if you do- there is so much more hope now than there was before. Even better news for Timmy is that he gets to come home for the weekend and just be himself- allow some stress to come off of him.Thank you again,Jason