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Hi guys


Standard max. vis is 150 and min. vis. is 75! How is the visibility in real, most of the time? Because if i set the visibility to standard with LOD 4.5 in FSX i got this!


This is because lod 4.5 and the rendering terrain! On this picture sight is unlimited but with 150 max. visibility you will can see those blurries too! As a high flyer this is a no go!

And i wanted to ask how does the auto ajust visibility works when i reduce the max. visibility! In my opinion visibility in ASN works complitly diffrent to AS 2012! on ground 35sm in AS 2012 gives a better sight than 75sm in ASN? i have at the moment max 60sm and min 40sm but looks a bit hazy!




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Hi Max,


let's clarify some things: 


- 75SM is the maximum default allowable surface visibility. It doesn't mean that it will be 75 on the ground all them time (with a metar saying '9999' or '10SM'). It will be at least 10SM and at most 75SM. How much the visibility actually extends (I repeat when  on ground or close to the ground), is calculated based on atmospheric conditions, the presence of temperature inversion layers, winds etc to approximate what happens in real life as closely as possible. The same thing happened with AS2012, the algorithms however used for this were different (now they are more sophisticated). 


- Your problem is when at altitude (like in your screenshot). In this case the upper visibility is in effect. By default this is 150 and maxes out to 200. Checking the auto calculate upper visibility option, will make attempt ASN to vary this according to current conditions (creating a more hazy environment during summer, when the temperatures are higher, the atmosphere is more stable etc). So it's the upper visibility option you should experiment with. Try setting this to 200 (and uncheck the "auto adjust upper visibility" option), then set it to 100, then to 60, in order to get a balanced acceptable depiction (on what is clearly caused by a LOD issue).

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