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#1 Engine Failure On Start

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I've had the NGX for a few years. Wonderful bird.  One thing that puzzles me though is an event which happened tonight and has also happened a just a few times in the past.  Starting the engines on pushback, #2 fires, #1 looks like it's spooling up but it never finishes.  N1 stays at 19.9.  N2 58.3. FF .65.  Oil Temp -1, VIB 0.0.  I can advance the throttle to 53.3 N1 and the right side #2 engine spools up but the left stays static at all of these numbers and is dysfunctional. 


Screenshot here with throttle at 53.3 N1 - you can see the left side basically not responding:


Resetting the aircraft to DEFAULT via the FMC doesn't fix the problem, the #1 engine still fails.  The only way to correct is to exit FSX and reload then everything is fine.


Is this a bug or a real type of engine failure? Aircraft failures should be disabled but it's possible I missed a setting somewhere.  I was trying to get out of Minneapolis tonight on VATSIM and I tried to relight #1 multiple times using both cross bleed and APU methods with no success.  I also shut down #2 and tried to start #1 first via APU. No success. Dead engine.


Anyway, it doesn't happen a lot, I was just curious what the problem could be since my expectation was failures are disabled.


Thank you,


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