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Defauls scenery objects missing

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I have a small problem!


I made an airport, very detailed used def libraries and some libraries that i got in the net.  They work fine while added them using ADE!


I wanted to improove it once more, and found the instant object maker program, because it allows you to see the objects, many dont have thumbnails...


I was experimenting wich files could be openned with it, and voil,a i openned the default sceneries of FSX, the ones that are in FSX/Scenery/AFRI,ASIA,AMER etc, and looked all the buildings and many interesting items that FSX have!!!  The holy grail for me!!


I started to remodel my airport, and add many buildings carefully selected.  I made a backup copy of my airport before the 6 hours of work!


When finished and started FSX, the buildings are missing...


I added all the libraries to ADE in order to work with them, got the gui numbers in Instant object maker, found them in ade, place them, compiled and nothing...


Any ideas??

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Did you put a copy of the library bgl into the scenery folder and textures for all the models in the texture folder?

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I made a mistake, i use model converter to see the objects, and yes, when using instant object i do that.


Sorry for the wrong question.


But the problem is the same, I import the files in model converter and see them, for example, the LAX tower, it is compiled in a folder: FSX/Scenery/NAMW/las.bgl, its a default fsx object, i put it in my airport to test and after several hours of work and dont show in FSX, but in ADE.  I tried to do the enable area, but since its indeed already activated,  fsx tells me that it is working...

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