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Problem with uncommanded flap deployment

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I have recently begun having problems with sporadic, uncommanded flap deployments on both the 777 and the NGX.  The problem is likely on my end, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone else has encountered this, or has suggestions on troubleshooting it.  Here is a summary of what I am experiencing:


1. After certain keystrokes ([open ATC window] and [pause simulation]), the flaps will fully extend.  This does not happen consistently every time I used these keystrokes, but only sometimes.  However, every time that it has occurred, it has been immediately after I have executed one or the other of these keystrokes.  This has happened multiple times on both aircraft (777 and NGX).  So far, I have been unable to duplicate the problem using FSX default aircraft, or other add-ons.  As I said, the problem is sporadic to it is difficult to verify.


2. The problem has happened both on the ground and in flight.


3.  The problem began recently, shortly after I installed the ASN for the 7-day trial.  I have no idea if this is related, but I will be posting this in their support forums as well.


4. I had been using the default keyboard commands for these actions (' for ATC window and "p" for pause).  I later tried remapping these commands to other keystrokes, but strangely, the problem continued.


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Andrew Jones

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