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Mouse arrow remaining on screen

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Hope this is O.K. to Post here.  I have my own 737-800 cockpit, (run FSX), and use Project Magenta software for my instrumentation.  On a spare PC I have, I have recently installed Windows 7 x86 and run a PM Program called 'WhazzUp' on a small monitor within my Sim.  This is basically a map showing what ever flight plan I have installed into my FMC.  Anyway, although no Key Board or Mouse is plugged into this PC, I have a white Mouse Arrow in center of screen over Map.  If I close program, and plug in a mouse, it works quite normally.


I have tried everything I know to get rid of it, and have posted a request to Project Magenta, but I think this must be a Windows 'thing'


Does anyone have any experience of such a thing?

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