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  1. I had this problem a few years ago. I am using PFC Yoke in a home built Sim, FSX and default 737-800. It was eventually found that I had a faulty Potentiometer in the Yoke Unit. At the time PFC provided a replacement and instructions on replacement. The Potentiometer at the time was about ten years old, and like all things do wear eventually. I would suggest this may be the Yoko Yoke playing up. A Potentiometer is normally quite cheap, so if you can find the right replacement is worth a go. At the time I thought it was a calibration issue and played around with the PFC settings/null positions for ages before finding my solution.
  2. Hi, I have posted a similar Post over aerosoft about the following, but thought I would write it here as well. I have My Traffic X installed and all my AI aircraft at Trondheim are a couple of feet under the Apron. I use GSX and that is fine. Also, have Orbx Vector, but ENVA is not listed within their elevation correction tool. I am not sure that would help anyway, as I believe it is My Traffic reading what perhaps is the FSX default height for the airport. I have also had a look within My Traffic folders and within 'Scenery Folder' found one BGL file - ENVA. I have been advised to turn that to 'off' which I did, but did not change anything. If anyone has experience of this particular problem and a possible answer it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Anyone know if this will work in FSX. I have just returned from a holiday in Rhodes, and would love to have this airport.
  4. Don't know if this helps at all, but some years ago I had a similar problem with a new PC (I run FSX by the way). It was found that the Motherboard required updating. The people who built the PC did this, and all was then O.K. This is not an area I would dabble with, but you might like to look into this aspect.
  5. This may or may not help, but it has worked for me in the past and I know it has helped some others. I see you have 16 GB RAM - I assume 8 sticks of 2GB each. Carefully remove them from your PC and switch around; i.e. place No1 stick into slot 8, 2 into slot 7 and so on. Just mix them up basically. I believe it is something called 'creep' when one of the contacts on a RAM strip looses contact. Probably caused by heating up and cooling down. Give it a go, can't do any harm.
  6. Hi Ivar, what can I say; glad to be of service, and hope all 'stays well' Regards, Steven
  7. This may have nothing to do with your problem, but recently I started to get freezes in FSX at any time of a flight. Some years ago I experienced a similar problem and found that removing all RAM strips from my PC and then replacing them in a different order did the trick. I have 12 GB RAM in my PC (6 X 2GB strips) I simply put number one in socket 6 and so on. (i.e. in a totally different order/position). I did read in the CTD guide that this can be an issue, and has worked for me. No harm giving it a go!
  8. Hi pete_auau. Well you learn something knew every day! I didn't know GSX now has a follow me car out to active runway, so will be giving this a go later today. Many thanks indeed.
  9. pete_auau. GSX dosn't have a follow me car to take you out to runway, so I find Follow Me very useful at large airports. Also quite often after landing I find the GSX follow me car often seems to have a mind of its own and 'wonders off': the Follow Me car never seems to do this. Although I prefer the GSX car because it takes you to ones gate, the follow me car on arrival just disappears, which of course is not so realistic. But you are right, some sort of conflict going on here. I did try deleting Follow Me and re-installed, but the result was the same.
  10. The FollowMe (2) program is similar to GSX, but allows one to call a follow me car up to go out to active runway as well as calling it to take you to your gate after landing. I am not sure if this program is still available as the originator of the program has stopped all work on it and I believe no longer offers support. If you can find it, it was about £10 to purchase. I used to have version No.1 and that was free, but if you can find version 2 well worth a few quid. Thanks for advice - I think I'm just going to have to use the taxi signs as directed by ATC!!
  11. I have posted this one over on the GSX forum, but so far no joy, so thought I would give it a go here. I have used GSX for a few years now, and have just updated to the latest release 1.9.9 I use a program called Follow Me (2). This is a small program that allows one to call up a follow me car out to the active runway, and back after landing. I use PFC hardware in my homebuilt 737-800 cockpit, and have one of the available buttons on my central consol (throttles etc) mapped to TAB + T and No.1 on release. This is programmed through FSUIPC, and by 'pressing TAB + T brings up the Follow Me menu; by pressing No. 1 on release calls the Follow Me car to my gate or aircraft after landing. Since installing GSX 1.9.9 this call up button no longer works. I also have a key board set into my overhead panel, and again trying to press TAB + T has no effect. I can still bring up the Follow Me Menu by pressing ALT/Addon ons/ and selecting Follow Me/menu - so the program itself is still working. The FollowMe settings menu (outside of FSX) tells me there are no available keys available within FSX to use - which I know to be nonsense! - I have tried changing the key. TAB is standard and can not be changed, but the T could be changed to another letter, but as I say the program says no other key is available. If anyone has a thought on this one it would be much appreciated - frankly I'm foxed!
  12. I don't know if this will help at all. I use PFC rudder set in a home built cockpit. Many many years ago I had a similar problem; well not quite as extreme but similar. Basically I had to go into the PFC settings page (available in FSX by pressing ALT and bringing up the different options) and set up a 'null' centre position for the rudder pedals. This basically meant that any slight movement of the pedals had no effect which means one could taxi in a straight line without any need to touch the pedals. In my case I had to set an extreme left and right position within the settings page as well. I would have thought you will have a settings page for your Logitech Joystick, and you may have to set up similar to the above. This is the only advice I can offer, but hope it might help.
  13. Hi MigzPT, I had the same problem when I installed GSX. It would seem that FSX doesn't really like three button combinations; it's a timing issue. I got around the problem by going into your key assignments within FSX. Scroll down until you find the command for opening and closing doors and reassign a two button combination. I happen to use ` 1, `2, and `3 ( ` is the key left of No.1, 2, 3 etc) This works well for me, but any two key combination will work. If you use FSUIPC and have some spare buttons on Hardware, then Bob is quite right, that would work well.
  14. Just a bit of feed back. I have my own 737-800 Sim. PFC Hardware and Project Magenta software. I am therefore using the default FSX 737-800 in the back ground. I have tried this new Sim1.dll on just one flight so far, and have to say things were very much improved. I had a 50% fuel load, and full passenger load, and would normally have to go to about 43% N1 to get her rolling, then throttle back a little. Today, she felt like she wanted to move as soon as I released brakes, and could feel this through my D-Box motion platform. Anyway, she started to roll very smoothly at 35% N1, and came to a nice gliding halt at my Runway stop line. I use GSX, and upon arriving at my stand/gate, it has always been a little difficult to slow down and stop where the Marshaller wants me. Today I came onto the Stand at 4mph GS, and when I closed the throttles, my plane continued to roll forward nicely until I applied some toe brakes. Certainly, this is a winner, and I shall keep an eye to see if further improvements are made as time goes on. Many thanks
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