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  1. I this like the old original FSX where one could add scenery?
  2. Something else that cam be done in the simulation world, cool I'll have to look into this .
  3. 1500 is the pattern height for a heavy, for GA isn't it 1000?
  4. I've had only great success with PC Aviator, now FS Pilot is the one I've had multiple issues with .
  5. impressive, wonder if I could afford :wink: one?
  6. Nice, I wonder if I could put this on floats.
  7. My dream too, guess the float plane will just have to suffice.
  8. No spoilers please, I intend to wait until the DVD is released so I can watch In my own theater .
  9. the missed approach option doesn't look the best either, at least all are ok and the aircraft not damaged .
  10. Which I had Beta. All I have is on off and good judgement, then again, I'm talking real world. I must load up on of the float planes on FSX tomorrow just to see how real it is.
  11. I like flying where cottages do not exist personally, being a 100 miles from anything built up is where I aim for. Then again I am talking real world flying, my float plane is at the cottage and only 15 minutes from my home city. I could handle the cottages around my seaplane lake I suppose, that part I could handle in FSX .
  12. I like widescreen, it is the natural way we see things and the reason why cinemas use the 2.35:1 widescreen format. Our eyes see details in the horizontal( width) that we do not see in vertical ( height) . Adding more screen in the vertical is a waste. Try holding your index fingers to the left and right of your peripheral vision and note how far you can still see your fingers. Now try the same with your fingers above and below the center of your vision. Even if you cheat you will quickly see that your side to side vision is at least 50% more effective. In a real plane this is the way you see, even without windows the cockpit is seen wider so it makes sense to duplicate this with your visuals . I'm only running three 22" monitors at this time, limited by space right now. If I move to a bigger room in my home I will consider triple large monitors or triple TV's, maybe even projectors but wide screen it will be.
  13. Will you loose saved scenarios with this update?
  14. What does 3.1 add?