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  1. Thanks, will post on ebay and provide the links . Not sure why the errors for the links though, have to figure that one too. Thanks for the heads up .
  2. Triple projection visuals with 270 degree 16ft x 4ft visuals , Goflight Corporate Pilot , PFC Airliner Yoke & Rudder Pedals. I'm going to gauge interest in a one time bundle purchase then start breaking down the items individually. As Note below I have about 14KUS into this setup, would like to entertain a fantastic deal for all first. I have not set a price just yet, anyone interested in the bundle please send me a PM I will discuss a price . I will update over the next couple of days for individual pricing for individual items . Simpit Centurion 270 degree screen BenQ projectors (3) DLP short throw HD Goflight Corporate Pilot Precision Flight Control Yoke Precision Flight Control Rudder Pedals Next Level Simulation seat Fanatec Racing Bundle The visuals and projectors are one year old very lightly used. The Goflight and Precision controls are about 4 years old, all still current and also lightly used. Prefer to sell as a package, I have many more items not listed such as brand new Thrustmaster A10 joystick and Throttle, butt kickers 5 speaker surround sound with 400 watt sub (still in the box) and so on . Will update with pictures later, just getting this up now to see if there is any interest before I break into individual pieces . I have about $14KUS into this setup, it's not going for a steal but will go for a very, very attractive price, I have to sell before I move beginning of the summer. My new home is not set up for a flight simulator this size , I will try to sell and reduce to a smaller system . If you have interest in all or any individual pieces please forward the request here, will send additional info and pictures and video.
  3. I this like the old original FSX where one could add scenery?
  4. Something else that cam be done in the simulation world, cool I'll have to look into this .
  5. roxiedog13

    Visual Approach & Landing Procedures

    1500 is the pattern height for a heavy, for GA isn't it 1000?
  6. roxiedog13

    pc aviator

    I've had only great success with PC Aviator, now FS Pilot is the one I've had multiple issues with .
  7. roxiedog13

    737MAX is here!

    impressive, wonder if I could afford :wink: one?
  8. roxiedog13

    Diamond's DA62 looks stunning!

    Nice, I wonder if I could put this on floats.
  9. roxiedog13

    Badass Pilot Buys Own Fighter Jet

    My dream too, guess the float plane will just have to suffice.
  10. roxiedog13

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer # 3

    No spoilers please, I intend to wait until the DVD is released so I can watch In my own theater .
  11. roxiedog13

    Boeing 737 overrun at SLSU

    the missed approach option doesn't look the best either, at least all are ok and the aircraft not damaged .
  12. roxiedog13

    Taxiyiing on the water

    Which I had Beta. All I have is on off and good judgement, then again, I'm talking real world. I must load up on of the float planes on FSX tomorrow just to see how real it is.
  13. roxiedog13

    Cottages in FSX?

    I like flying where cottages do not exist personally, being a 100 miles from anything built up is where I aim for. Then again I am talking real world flying, my float plane is at the cottage and only 15 minutes from my home city. I could handle the cottages around my seaplane lake I suppose, that part I could handle in FSX .