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  1. Please see @HughesMDflyer4 's reply below, Dan.
  2. Check out the plans on our blog entry called "Approaching 1.1" !
  3. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for your continuing support. Cheers,
  4. Oh wow, that sunlight reflection! Beautiful screenshot indeed!
  5. I agree with Bert. If you have a 980 (or even a 780), I would consider getting the faster CPU - especially if you're sticking with FSX.
  6. Correct. If you install 8GB ram on a 32 bit machine, it will only have 4GB usable. Here are some better explanations of why 32 bit systems cannot use more than 4GB of ram: http://superuser.com/questions/394630/can-i-have-8-gb-ram-on-32-bit-win-7 http://superuser.com/questions/372881/is-there-a-technical-reason-why-32-bit-windows-is-limited-to-4gb-of-ram
  7. It won't. FSX, as a 32 bit app, can only use up to 4GB. But - think of this - what if you only have 4GB of usable ram overall? You still need to allocate some of it for your operating system. So in the end, you only have 1GB or 2GB ram for FSX. By having a 64 bit system, you can have (for example) 8GB of ram. Now, you can have 4GB fully for FSX, and the rest of the free ram for your system, making both your computer and FSX run smoother.
  8. I've seen this forced update happen way too much - almost everyone I know who uses PC have told me to look out for this. Hmm... maybe I should try that GWX tool! If I upgrade, I'm actually not that concerned about them collecting data on how many times I open an app; I just want to know if the keystroke logger from the beta is still in there or not, lol
  9. Hold on, I think I may have misunderstood your post. You want to display the gauge info from the F-15 to the external LCDs, correct?
  10. Hmm... if you check in your Gauges folder in your sim's main directory, is there any .dll or .gau file that is associated with the Thrustmaster Cougar MFD? If not, then I'm not sure if it's possible to add the MFD as a popup gauge within the simulator. (if anyone has any experience with the MFD and has gotten it into the sim, please feel free to jump in and help)
  11. If I understand your question correctly, you want to add an additional gauge to your aircraft? I'm not sure about the Thrustmaster Cougar, but here is how to add a new gauge window to ANY plane. First, under [Window Titles], add a new window: eg. Window 03 = New Gauge Make sure the "03" are the next set of numbers after the sequence. So if Window 29 was before, you put Window 30. Then, scroll all the way down till you find code labeled as [Window 01]... [Window 02]... You add: [Window 03] size_mm=440,440 window_size=0.4 position=9 Background_color=16,16,16 VISIBLE=1 ident=MISC_POPUP_1 zorder=4 gauge00 = GaugeName!DeclaredGaugeName, 0, 0, 440, 440, 0 Ok lemme explain all that: the first few lines from size_mm to zorder should be self explanatory. You shouldn't have to worry about that if you just want a window up and running. The important part is the "gauge00" and the code after it. The syntax is: GaugeName ! DeclaredGaugeName Replace GaugeName with the name of the .DLL gauge you copied + pasted into your FSX gauge folder. Replace DeclaredGaugeName with the name of the gauge you want. So I'd assume it would be called MFD or something similar. Again, I don't own the joystick so I'm not sure how a joystick gauge works, or if it's possible to put a joystick gauge into FSX, but that is how you install every addon aircraft gauge. Hope that helps!
  12. Ok I'm gonna steer this thread back to the right direction - From what I've been reading in these forums - YES - PMDG has said in previous announcements that there will be 3 products from FSX/P3D that they plan to port over to X-Plane: 1. PMDG 737NGX 2. PMDG 777-200LR/F, PMDG 777-300ER 3. PMDG 747-400 v3 To answer your question - yes, the PMDG 777 will eventually make its way to X-Plane. In no particular order. None of the legacy products will be ported over. So no MD-11 for example. PMDG, if the info is incorrect in some form or there has been some changes, please let me know and I'll correct my post. Thank you!
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