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  1. Yes default, all versions, glass cockpit (G3000).
  2. I love the TBM930, certainly better than some payware I've invested in!
  3. Yes, but when you squeeze the trigger does it go TAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA?
  4. Thanks for your reply Oliver. Fingers crossed for the future. Regards.
  5. Is there any chance of updating PayloadManager X to work with MSFS Oliver? I used the program with P3Dv4 and it was a wonderful addition to enhance the virtual experience in my Flight Sim Economy flights. Being able to see the passengers arrive at the aircraft in GSX2 and glancing back into the cabin to see them seated was amazing during the flight. Granted the people models arriving at the aircraft and those seated were different but as flight simmers we are masters of 'suspension of disbelief' so it never mattered. Regards, Paul.
  6. PF3 ATC at it's best forum, Try before you buy topic. Regards.
  7. So they need to work on the transition from airport locality to on-route conditions. Maybe that's where HIFI slot in with active sky?
  8. Hi Jim, I didn't know the sim was supposed to be reading Metars, thanks for the update. Regards.
  9. If you are using the native weather, remember it is a forcast based on a predictive model - Meteoblue I believe. As a prediction it is sometimes (maybe often) not absolutely accurate. Currently the sim doesn't read Metars so local airfield conditions will not really be met too often. Ideally we need a combination of both - world-wide predictive forecast plus local metar readers with a seamless merge of both. Regards.
  10. Thanks Gerald. I kinda thought it would be 32 bit as I have a memory of reading it somewhere, but couldn't find the source. Regards.
  11. Hi guys, does it matter if the voices are 32 or 64bit or must they only be one of those? Regards.
  12. Hi Gerald, I have been waiting for PF3 for MSFS but the last mention of this was by Dave on his forum on the 10th of Sept prior to the fix to Simconnect. There was also a mention of Makerwys being needed for MSFS and I see Peter and John of FSUIPC fame have created a beta version. Are you sure that PF3ATC is currently compatible with MSFS? I hope you are right and I just can't find it! Regards.
  13. One point to consider is that the live weather uses a weather model - Meteoblue. It is one of a series of modelling algorithms using the same set of meteorological datapoints worldwide. If you look at windy.com you can see the meteoblue depiction alongside other models - I assume that the prediction shown in Windy is also mirrored in MSFS. All the models typically show subtle differences in weather predictions at locations at various timepoints. Even though it is actually snowing at your location, if any of the predictive simulations (including Meteoblue) don't predict snow, then they won't forecast it for your location. Regards.
  14. I love the feeling of dread knowing that the airframe at -10C is going to ice up as I descend into a beautiful, scary overcast (and it does!) in mountainous terrain, hoping for the occasional glimpse of the terrain (thinking - I wonder how soft those trees really are - if I hit them?) to stay safe and on-course down to finals - AWESOME!
  15. I suppose the best advice I can give the OP is don't believe everything you read. At such an early stage there is nothing to be negative about in this sim. Please name me one modern flight sim where some addon or other wasn't needed to 'complete' the experience. I've never enjoyed a flightsim so much as this one and it is the first time in a sim that I chose not to fly because of the prevailing weather at my airport - totally socked-in (doing FlightSimEconomy flight) but chose instead to do some hanger flying working through some checklists in the TBM930. One word - awesome, and can only get better!
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