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  1. Hi Mike - this is an interesting approach. Why is logical core 2 on processor 0 always off (xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,0,1)? Regards, Paul.
  2. @shivers9: Works fine with MilViz 310 Redux. Nice cabin squeaks and rattles in turbulence plus some brake squeal. Good to have it back. @Rob: No conflict that I can see with CP though I haven't gone into the nuts and bolts of CP to change much. Hope that helps. Regards,Paul.
  3. Here are my paying passengers on a Flight Sim Economy flight from South Lake Tahoe to Reno ... Redheads always get first choice of the Copilot's seat on my flights
  4. Oliver, thank you for making this software available - it is fantastic. I don't fly with the fps counter on display and haven't noticed any real difference in my Carenado PC12 full of passengers. What I have done is install static figures into seats that are not so visible from the VC left seat and animated figures in seats more visible. I do have a suggestion that may or may not be feasible ... it would be great to have PayloadManagerX give the option to randomise the models, swapping static for static and animated for animated whilst leaving the position data the same. If you were continuing a flight with the same passengers then you wouldn't need to randomise, but if it was a new set of passengers then randomising would ensure a new set of faces in the cabin. Regards, Paul Davies.
  5. Riddlez Bellingham KBLI deserves a really good mention.
  6. FSPS SimPhysics? not sure if P3Dv4 is supported but says 3.0 or higher. Edit: Just checked their site - seems this and their Frictionality product is not updated to P3Dv4. Regards.
  7. I have exactly the same problem, some voices low volume, others OK. The same voice might be OK on one flight and soft on the next. It would appear that it is not the voice itself that triggers the low volume but when that voice is used by VoxATC e.g. maybe the third/fourth voice used by the program?
  8. Just a note: Tegwyn has updated the documentation to include networking instructions.
  9. Hi, I can't see any information in the documentation available on the VoxATC website - is there any other information available? Would like to know if the ptt and if the mic / sound is on the server or client. Regards.
  10. Very interested in using VoxATC in a network but can find no information on how to do it and whether the mic/speakers are on the client or server. Paul.
  11. This quote from Maarten, the author of SimLauncherX may give you an automated solution to the problem ... You can use my SimLauncherX application to remove the FS9 models from the respective aircraft.cfg files and add a [Radios] section if needed. You can download the latest version here <https://www.dropbox.com/s/x84j5wsd7ps412m/SimLauncherX.msi?dl=0>. Here's a screenshot <http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/07/20/SimLauncherX-311.jpg>. (inserting an image does not seem to work right now). thanks, Maarten. Regards, Paul.
  12. Hi Oliver, thanks for getting back to me. I note that you can't replicate my problems and no others have reported similar. I have uninstalled the first version of WAMA and will reinstall with the newer update and report back to you with my findings. Paul Davies.
  13. Hi Oliver, I have the impression that when I select an aircraft, the time in the simulator (I'm unsure if the date behaves this way - I couldn't check) will change to the time that the aircraft position was originally saved (I setup the sim to 7am local time but in the aircraft after loading the sun was definitely in the East). Realistically you are going to return to an aircraft at a later point in time - perhaps after a quick cup of coffee or perhaps days or even weeks later - would it be possible to select a date and time prior to getting into an aircraft. I tried to alter the date/time of my flights after selecting an aircraft in WAMA, but P3Dv3 crashed (CTD) when I attempted to change date & time via the Scenario or the Season/Time menu options - the dialog boxes never appeared. The sim doesn't crash when entering these menu options if I haven't started and connected WAMA so use of the program is a bit limited at the moment. Regards. Paul Davies.
  14. KLAS Edited to add my name ... Paul Davies
  15. Moving TrackIR up on the todo list - Good news indeed! :smile:
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