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  1. Have a look at Flight Sim Economy (FSE), it may just fit the bill and it is free to join. The kind fellas on the board overseeing FSE have kept the program alive and as up-to-date as possible (the airfield database is based on FS9) by adding new stuff. The purpose of FSE is to provide an economic engine which generates jobs (both passenger and cargo) from FBOs across the world to other FBOs. Jobs are generated for a range of distances from local flights of 10s of miles to trans-ocean depending to some degree on the size of the airfield and hence FBO. FSE is aimed at the 'Mom and Pop' type of GA operations or the VIP type of companies e.g. flying such aircraft as the FSR500. The board have incorporated flying larger tin tubes within FSE but with the proviso that they can't be owned unlike the smaller GA pistons and turbo-props. There is a role-playing element in that as a beginner in the economy, you can only hire the aircraft you want to fly but soon enough you'll have built up savings from the profits from your flights to purchase one or more (if you want) airframes of your choice. In addition, you can purchase (or build on empty lots) FBOs if you fancy having your company based somewhere - the forum is full of sales and deal-making. Just another option. Regards.
  2. I use GSX in MSFS with the TBM930. If I have a favourite parking spot on a field I visit a few times, I'll setup a passenger walking route from a suitable FBO entrance to the aircraft. That allows me to board and de-board passengers. I get a real kick from seeing my passengers walking to the aircraft while I'm finalising flight preparation in the left seat. Just don't look back as they get into the aircraft as their heads jut up through the fuselage! I understand that not everyone can suspend disbelief to the same extent as I do or with the same ease, but it might work for you. We should agitate to get Virtuali to spread a little of the love he's lashed out on tubeliners to GA ops. Regards.
  3. Brilliant, the diversity of machines and landscape is the point. Loved it.
  4. Bought it, installed it, love it. Just shows that it takes all kinds to make a world.
  5. Click, hold and drag the throttle across, has worked for me. Thereafter my normal hardware throttle works as expected. It's been a while since I've flown the 930, I have a feeling that a right-click and hold, might be needed to drag the power lever across into the flight range?
  6. An update to the TBM improvement mod is available which works on my MSFS ... https://github.com/luka97/msfs_tbm930_project/releases/ Hope that helps.
  7. Having flown in the US and U.K. I can confidently say that ATC services are free. I presume that they are payed by taxation. Regards.
  8. I'll see your Ace and raise you one of the Moonwalkers, Charlie Duke, a gent indeed (also a couple of International Space Station astronauts and a cosmonaut. All very interesting and 'down-to-earth' people. Regards.
  9. I tried different things which of course didn't work then flash of inspiration - if the program is connecting, it probably is working as a separate application so alt-tab and there it was together with my other FS-associated programs like Trackir.
  10. The Vulcan carries a couple of decals denoting the harm anti-radar attack and bombing mission against the airfield at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. The museum has an impressive collection of aircraft both indoors and outside. Regards.
  11. Glad to see you solved it - you can ignore my post then.
  12. Not sure if this will help ... there is another thread here where one of the posters uses a Microsoft monitoring program 'ProcMon64' and swears that everytime he runs that then MSFS behaves and loads into a flight and without it running, it hangs just as you described. I've had one problem with this error, but haven't had to run procmon though have downloaded it from the MS site and installed it as FS has been loading OK for me recently. Best of luck.
  13. I suspect that SU5 brought in an algorithm to not render unseen areas around the aircraft to save cycles but it is a little too aggressive close to the aircraft and so ends up in the field of view.
  14. I have the black/gray square under the left rear quarter of the aircraft when I turn my head. A fraction of a second later, the texture draws in. Only this quadrant and always present until I take off, thereafter it disappears and never comes back. Again - since SU5.
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