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  1. Whatever was done in April to the mouse detection or mouse movement really messed things up. FSX always had the FPS drop when using mouse look, but P3D seems to have fixed it. It was fine months ago when I first got Chaseplane. But now the dreaded 10-15 fps drop is back with P3D and recent builds of Chaseplane. This is really bad for me because I use a Gsync monitor. Gsync only works above 30fps. When using mouse look with Chaseplane, the fps drops below 30fps, making screen tearing absolutely horrendous.
  2. Rudder trim is mapped to an axis or some other key
  3. Alaska flying is a little more risky than elsewhere; mountains, weather, etc. Alaska Airlines ha a submitted and gotten approval for its own approach and departure procedures. I guess they've proven that their pilots are proficient in flying the tighter procedures. They're property of the airline and not published. Someone managed to get some of them from the airline and they're on avsim in the library. Juneau in particular is surrounded by terrain. The procedures probably fly closer to terrain than normally allowed and save thre airline a lot of money, but Alaska has adequately proven they have and maintain the equipment to safely fly them.
  4. Any ideas? Perhaps track down the FBO owner and get him to add repair facilities? Or is my only hope to sell the aircraft back to FSE?
  5. One of my aircraft has been at a small airport for 2 months, unflown. It now needs a repair but there are no repair facilities at the airport. What are my options for getting it flying again?
  6. FSX is heavily CPU dependent. Most people who are running FSX, and P3D as well, are running their processors over 4.0 GHZ at least. The current gen i-5's and i-7's get more power from equivalent hz, so they don't have to overclock as much, but even then they're running over 4 ghz. You have an older processor. 3.3 stock just isn't going to cut it. I'd suggest a few things. Get rid of lens flare. Disable aircraft shadows on itself definitely. Maybe even aircraft shadows period. Do you see those shadows on final? You may need to drop a notch of autogen to sparse. Do you see trees at the flight levels in PMDG? Ground scenery shadows, nope can't have those. Shadows and autogen are all wasted cpu cycles. Do you want eye candy or fluidity with PMDG? You can't have both, at least to extremes. With a less demanding aircraft you may be able to increase this stuff. You have to compromise though with PMDG. Your config looks good with one exception. It's been awhile since I read up on buffer pools, so please someone correct me if I'm wrong. But i think with buffer pools off; ie Usepools=0, there is no reject threshhold. Remove that. And poolsize=0 is obselete as well. Usepools=0 is all you need to turn it off.
  7. Opusfsx has better dynamic head movement than ezdok that was actually recorded in aircraft with an accelerometer. But imo it's less intuitive setting up camera views than ezdok. I do not know how it handles joystick panning though. Maybe ask in their support forum. It's also arguably the best weather system in FSX, so you get that as well.
  8. The glass system is heaps more difficult to code than the an-2. I think it's worth 40. So there were some minor problems. The most obscene have been fixed.
  9. Ethiopian probably chose the 115's because their base is at 7k ft. When they fly to DC they have to stop in Rome because they can't fill her up taking off from that elevation. Watched the Just Planes 777 bluray
  10. The only one I REALLY want to fly at launch is the new American livery. I checked and apparently they fly the 200 and 300 but not the LR. Check out N722AN on flightaware. Looks like a brand new American 300ER. What was it doing in Lousiana? Getting painted maybe? Or maybe interior?
  11. I like to ferry my favorite baseball team on their road trips. Teams usually cut a deal with an airline to do all their flights. The Tampa Bay Rays use a Delta 738, specifically Delta 8894 is the flight number they use a lot. Check it out on flightaware. A Delta/Rays livery would be awesome!
  12. dcgator29

    Your age?

    Hit the big 30 yesterday. My first msfs experience was in 95 on a friend's pc. I didn't understand why the 747 wouldn't take off (no flaps). I also got motion sickness and my mother thought I had been drinking. I played fs9 for a bit when it launched. Got back into it hardcore with fsx this past summer
  13. You need to run the ezdok config tool to add the vc entry to your aircraft.cfg. You need to do these each time you add a new aircraft. Then run fsx in windowed mode and bring up the ezdok screen with the alt menu. You need to unassign any fsx default view commands such as A and S and reassign in ezdok. The manual explains how to move the camera around and save views. You should really read the manual
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