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  1. AndreK78

    VOX ATC 7.41

    hello , I have a problem with VOX ATC - I installed the Programm and used advancedsetting and VApanel... My Plane is PMDG 777 and NGX 737 I started P3DV4 and I dont see the VOX ATC Panel - only this: I hope u can help me... Greets Andre
  2. AndreK78

    Voxatc beta 7.2

    hmm no i tested 7.2. last week - for me was a good atc program , i bougt this program. I uninstall 7.2. and i intsall 6.52... but the indexer has a Problem (stopped at weather/themes) ... i installed now 7.2. aggain... then i have this Problem.. thanks
  3. AndreK78

    Voxatc beta 7.2

    hello, i have a problem, maybe more then one :( ​i have buy the version 6.52 - but the install makes problem ( the indexer will be stopped at .../weather/themes) ok - I downloaded beta version 7.2 , the install goes to the end - Fine I startet vox atc in the simulator... then this: Please help me ​Thanks Greets ​Andre
  4. AndreK78

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    hmm thanks... have you maked Special Setup for AI Controller or SBT?
  5. AndreK78

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Hello , i have AI Controller and Supertrafficboard... I want used both programms, but if I used AI Controller , then I have no reaction at the Superboardtraffic... anyone have a Idea? ​thanks Greets Andre
  6. That is Perfect - Thank you ... By the way: i Need a step by step Tutorial for the Pmdg 737 ngx with MCE ...
  7. ok thanks - and RC4 is this good or better then pro atc x , what is u opionen? greets
  8. I am again - I startet P3D, MCE and so on... now I will start the Aircraft (is in cd modus) , if I say: Batterys on ... - no Problem, but If I say : Request Electrial up with APU , then dont happend... what is my mistake? I need a data who looks step to step what doing to say... and so on ... could you help me ? Thanks and Greets and sorry for my little English...
  9. its possible both Programs to use? or only RC4 for example? Greets Andre
  10. thanks that was my problem :-) if I succes installed - could I install German Speech again, or must US-English stay for MCE Greets Andre
  11. Hello, I have a Problem with the install Routine with Windows 10 - i had Change the speech from German to us-english... I see now my win 10 is in english, but if mce.exe comes the error..."please install english speech..." What is my mistake? Thanks for u help Greets Andre P.s. Sorry for my Little english