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Anyone for some nice (bumpy) air work?

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Hi folks,


the last days I had a lot of fun with the NGX (and actually good skills training) flying in very intensive TS conditions. All manual flying, but take care, don't try to grip the knobs and switches... :wacko:


And here is what I did quite a lot of times:

Position, time and WX:

KNPA (Pensacola, FL, USA), April 30th 2014, 11:05Z (dawn), RWY25L, ASN WX (historical weather)


RWY 25L take off to KNPA220/15 2500ft, right turn HDG 340, 1500ft HDG040, SPD170kt, intercept LOC07L, G/S07L (tailwind), go around @50ftAGL, missed approach (FMC routing) right turn inbound SIDNY holding, 2500ft (teardrop entry), exit holding, HDG340, descent 1500 ft, 2nd ILS07L approach, landing, vacate RWY07L at end, re-programme FMC, RWY25L departure and so on...



Beautiful plane with HGS enabled (livery by Christian Mohr):




I listened to this music in loop mode (headset on level 10/"are you nuts?") mixed with rain and thunder. The track lasts for approx. one approach:



Perhaps you enjoy it, like I did? B) (If you like, you may listen to another music...)


Always happy landings,


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