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Saitek X-55 Rhino and P3D v2.2 issues

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When using the native P3D controller setup to assign axes and buttons on the stick and throttle I have no issues, all works very well. When using the HUD software the buttons can be assigned in this software and are shown to function in the test mode but when I attempt to load the profile into P3D to use the HUD setup for stick and throttle unit, P3D does not register the profile and the buttons on both the stick and throttle fail to work. The controller portion in the prepar3d.cfg file still refers to the STANDARD.XML for both default and current file usage. Should this change to reflect the input of a new HUD profile to control the stick and throttle? Anyone else having this issue and is there a remedy? As such unable to utilise the full potential of the Rhino in as far as I cannot utilise the 3 mode function or mouse nipple. Is it an HUD software or P3Dv2.2 issue? Any thoughts/help would be appreciated

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