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Jet Boost

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Though I am not usually a fan of game boosters, reg cleaners etc. I discovered a nifty utility called Jet Boost.

The utility is free and does a great job of closing down unwanted services. I believe this

utility goes much further than the other available so called game boosters on the Internet, some of

which try to install other c**p wear on your p c while your not looking!. 


This is a customizable utility and it closes down 35 services releasing a decent chunk of

my computers memory, you can edit the .ini file, (I have done this) to close as many services as you wish.

It might be worth looking at, Mileage will vary according to each individual. I certainly a have a smoother

FSX experience after using this tool. This tool appears to do a decent job of choosing running processes

to close which will vary on an individuals computer.


I was looking for an alternative to Alacrity by Ken Salter, I was pleasantly surprised with this free no catch








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