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You have to add it manually to the AXE's panel.cfg. (As a 2D window.)


The automatic XGauge installer doesn't work for the AXE.


It's probably the best to auto-install the XGauge into a default aircraft first, so you know the lines to copy and paste into the AXE's panel.cfg. Mind, though, the AXE variants feature different panel.cfg's. You either have to identify 'your' panel.cfg (if you only fly a single livery/variant), or manually install into all of them.




EDIT: Take care of your AXE window numbering - if the AXE's panel.cfg has N 2D windows, make the XGauge your 2D window no. N+1. And back up those panel.cfg's before you start!   :rolleyes:

What happened to AVSIM

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