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Add-on downloading problems -Does choice of browser make a difference?

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In the past year, I have bought close to 70 airports from a European flight sim retail site where I buy mostly airports from small developers (I buy flight sim products from multiple retailers). In the last batch of five which I bought from that site a month ago, two were by the same developer and the other three each by different developers. The downloads of those three went without a hitch (as had every other download previously purchased from that retailer) but the two from the one developer would not even start to download (the download progress indicator on my computer remained at "0 MB") even though I subsequently and successfully did further downloads of other products from the same retailer and downloads from other retailers. The retailer told me that it was a problem at my end, not at their's.I have consistently used Google Chrome for all of my downloads (including from that European site) - with 100% success until these two products. A week earlier, my purchases from that site had included another airport by the same developer and there was no downloading problem then. On all occasions, I had followed that site's instructions about turning off any firewall and anti-virus software.


Because my initial reaction was that I was being fobbed off by the retailer, I then made direct contact with the small developer who was great to deal with and who made some suggestions to me and offered an alternative method of getting his airports to me if his suggestions did not work. Part of his suggestions was to try different web browsers. I tried Google Chrome again and then I tried Mozilla Firefox, both without success.Eventually, after a couple of days, I tried Internet Explorer and effected the two downloads (all thanks to the developer).


I have not bought a product from that European retailer since that episode. I have continued to use Google Chrome for my download purchases from other retailers - all without a hitch..


A couple of weeks ago, I was separately telling another flight sim retailer and also the computer technician who attends to my business computers about this episode. Independently of each other, both said that it would be highly unlikely to be a browser problem at my end and that it was more likely a server issue at the other end.


My only previous experience of a difference in outcome in using different browsers was about 10 years ago when a government department in my city put its town planning schemes on the internet. For about three months there was a problem about them being able to be completely accessed and viewed unless you used Internet Explorer. This problem was quickly identified and a warning was posted on the site pending the rectification of the problem. 


I could not believe that the problem could be at my end where I had successfully effected hundreds of flight sim downloads from multiple sites with the same browser and without difficulty (before and after this episode) only to have a problem with these two products from the same developer.


Has anyone experienced a situation where a download will not progress beyond "0 MB" with one or more browsers but works with another one? If so, what is the most reliable browser to use for flight sim downloads?


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