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Tom; I absolutely LOVE the new look! Just one question. Is there any waypossible to make it kind of....welll NEON? You know.. so it glows in the dark? I, for one, would like to see this idea expanded to the AVSIM FlightSchool as well; to possibly include a similar heading, possibly in the form of a "sticky" that would admonish a potential poster toFOR CRYING OUT LOUD PLEASE READ the information , and use the LESSONSprovided with MSFSxxxx, as there is a great wealth of info contained there. I want you to understand that this is not some kind of jab at you because I understand and agree with your motives. But a question comesto my mind...or what's left of it...where does a question regardingsay...drivers, rightly belong? They are NOT hardware...but pertain to it. I think you can see whereI'm going with this as possibly this comunique belongs in "Letters tothe staff". As an example from my own experience, I recently posted a post titled,"Life is Good" outlining what I had done to my equipment, both in software configurations, and hardware flight experience,that led me to say that. I'm really not sure where it should have been posted under forum rules, but it ended up here as it seemed the most logical place. It seems to me that a lot of the people who do this misposting...not all..but a lot, are new to AVSIM. Some seem to be using some type of translation program to even post at all. I am only imagining the workall of the MODS go through each day to keep things running smoothlyand I, for one, applaude your great effort.:-beerchug :-beerchug Please keep up the GOOD work; All of you are valued..More than youcan know. All the best. Denny

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