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  1. Tom Gibsons outstanding list here should get you anything you need...http://www.calclassic.com/links.htm. Also here is the homepage.http://www.calclassic.com/ Denny
  2. I used to have the same thing happen while in flight if I hadn't touchedthe yoke for quite awhile. The same thing would happen if I paused thesim for any length of time. All my assignments would show ok but no control. When I paused it on the ground, I'd come back to find theview continually panning. Even shutting down the sim and restartingwouldn't stop it.In my case I believe it was a Windows issue because I had to rebootand then it would be recognized. I later found out that just unplugingand repluging the yoke, with FS9 still running, would force it to be recognized.
  3. Well in Fla or the South of Spain a cardboard box might not be toobad, but where I live they're kinda drafty.:-violin Yes and I'd always heard "If it comes equipped with tires or ___you gonna have trouble with it.":-zhelp As to the racy vs the durable,hopefully you'll outgrow the finicky, High Maintenance equipment.I believe it was W.C. Fields who said "Ah yes; I was once married to abeautiful blond......She drove me to drink....it's the only thing I'mindebted to her for." :-badteeth :-beerchug
  4. Or for a quicky for the U.S. http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/ it'lllet you see where the heavy stuff is happening.
  5. I used to have the same thing happen in FS9 and something similar towhat your doing would "Fix" it for awhile. I'd click "exit flight"when the dialog box came up that said....do want to end flight, I'dclick no and the flight would resume with increased performance.It's almost got to be an issue of memory not being released.
  6. Peter:Was going to post and see if anyone knew where you had gone.I seem to remember you mentioning some AHEM! marital difficulties andwas hoping that you were not sleeping in a cardboard box somewhere:-roll A buddy of mine came home from a week on the road and found a completelybare house and equally bare bank accounts.My EX was thoughtful enough to leave a mattress, blanket, table and chair, one set of silverware, a cast iron skillet, and the fridge.Seems she didn't need the fridge as it was furnished in her apartment.Anyhow....Welcome back!!!
  7. There are a whole series of "Dangerous and difficult approaches" in theAVSIM library. They were compiled for FS9 as flight files but I don'tknow if FS9 .flt files work in FSX. But you could have a look at themand set some up for FSX if they don't.
  8. I think you'll find if you cut AI traffic back to 15%...autogen to sparse... water to 1x ...bloom shadows off,and weather to fair, you'll get 20 plus most places with every thing else set pretty high.I know I do and my specs are inferior to yours.
  9. >>>What I don't understand is that this isn't a terribly>>>difficult physics problem! :-lol >>>>I do have to grin a bit, when I see so many references to a>>rather "simple" physics problem, as though much of the>public>>are physics wizards.. :D >>Larry, this is simple eighth grade physics... ;)>>It may be essentially reduced to a case of four forces acting>on a single object: the aircraft.>>Force#1 is that which is imparted by the treadmill and>transmitted to the aircraft via the wheels. Since the friction>coefficient is negligible, the net force transmitted is>effectively ZERO.>>Force#2 is the force from the propellor. Since that force is>several magnitudes greater than the net opposite from Force#1,>it may be treated as though Force#1 does not exist.>>Force#3 is the force of gravity, which is a constant for our>purposes.>>Force#4 is that which is transmitted to the aircraft via the>'lift' from the wings (and let's not get sidetracked on>this topic!).>>Ergo, the presence or absence of Force#1 is reduced to>irrelevancy. The aircraft will take off, assuming the>pilot isn't too drunk to fly... ;)Bill;All I can say is I'm glad you chose the Priesthood instead ofaeronautical engineering :-lol
  10. Short answer; Visibility.....no lighted objects.RVR.....lighted objects. From the AMS Glossary;"runway visual range
  11. Try this:Click start...run, type "dxdiag". Click "OK". This will bring upthe Direct X interface.Select the sound 1 tab and lower the acceleration slider a notch or two.Do the same for the sound 2 tab it might help the problem.Bert is absolutely right, this kind of indicates that you are at theragged edge of your systems capability, so reducing in sim sliderswould help as well.
  12. Now THAT is useful information.....particularly since it comes froman ex Vid Card employee:-hah
  13. Ed;I think I'd delete your config file and let fs build a new one. It sounds like a button function somehow got assigned to the pedals.
  14. Larry;Retry your experiment with a piece of plastic or similar mounted justabove the belt to block the "Wind" that might be generated by the movement of the belt.Also I've seen recent Utube vids of guys launching and recovering MODELaircraft from vertical status.....something that to my knowledge hasnot been done with real aircraft.Probably something to do with not being able to duplicate the horsepowerto weight ratio. Also prop size would figure in.In other words if everything is to SCALE....IT WON'T FLY..
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