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Leonardo Mad Dog Set-up

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Okay! I have searched far and wide for the instructions to establish the Mad Dog set-up in FSX, but the MAd Dog forums are dead, and I can only find cryptic answers. SO - I'm throwing this out to see if anyone will respond:


Apparently, there is a unpublished method of setting up the Mad Dog for the first time that requires loading the default Cessna, switching the Cessna for the Mad Dog, saving it as a default of some kind, and then closing FSX, and re-launching it from the Mad Dog load manager with the "default flight" that is listed in the Load Manager.


I really want to fly the tutorial flight, and have yet to make everything work as planned. I have found that setting up the flight in the Load Manager and then quitting the LM and launching FSX and opening the Mad Dog livery called for seems to work, but there are caveats that the weight & balance, fuel and other settings might not be loaded correctly.


So can someone with Mad Dog expertise please tell me again (yes, I saw it before, but for the life of me I cannot find those instructions), what the procedure is?  My take:


  1. Start FSX
  2. Pick the FSX Cessna
  3. Choose the airport (any airport, or a specific one?)
  4. Choose "Go Fly"
  5. At the airport ramp (or where-ever), set the Cessna up as "cold & dark"
  6. Save as the default situation
  7. Go to Aircraft and load the Mad Dog (does it matter which livery?)
  8. Re-save the situation as the default
  9. End the flight
  10. Close FSX
  11. Open the Load Manager
  12. Set up the Mad Dog per your flight (in my case, the tutorial)
  13. Choose "Start FS"
  14. Click "OKAY"
  15. Choose "Cold & Dark"
  16. VOILA! The Mad Dog should open at the requested ramp in the C&D mode.

Did I get something wrong? Did I miss anything? Or am I totally hosed here?  I'm not going any further until someone who actually knows what they're doing does an intervention here. This thing is turning me into Mad Gary! :diablo:

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