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Question on ATC Programming / ATC for Customized Areas.

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I would like to be able to use FS9 for some specialized instrument rating practice in my home area (Denver), with full names for VOR's and intersections, and even some local ATC procedures that are unique to this area (as has every area, I'm sure). How does one do highly customized ATC for a limited audience (instrument students)? I've cross-posted this in the VATSIM area in case there is some way that a "private session" can be utilized with their technology. I can recall the old days of APL adventure programming (which I did quite a bit of and enjoyed it- my only "programming" experience to date :) ). While archaic, and I assume no longer available for use in FS9; for such a simple task as I am talking about with a limited number of variables, it would work fine. But I have no idea about the current programming language- looking at the SDK it looks a lot more complicated for someone like me who has no C++ experience. Has anyone done this- created an highly customized ATC environment for a small area, instead of the more usual "generic" environment for the FS world?

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