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Oom Over ?

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Hi guys ,



the last days i m having a lot of poblems with OOM , i, i couldn;t complete a flight longer then 5 hours .


i made a test setting for myself trying to find out what whas causing it because i never had any problems with OOM before , even when i had lot of heavy scenerys installed , ASN , megascenery FTX scenery .All my sliders were to the right except or autogen wich was set at normal /This was before sp1 and the 773 came out .


When the SP1 and 773 came out,i immediately downloaded them and installed them over the 777RTM , and never had problems , made some very long flights with the 777-300ER , OMDB KIAH OMDB  and NAZZ KLAX NZAA , LTBA KIAH LTBA , EHAM RJAA , i  m having holiday from my work so my PC and fsx where on 24hours a day , and after i completed a round trip i restarted FSX and went on with another long haul .Never had any problems., this was with the Original 777RTM file and the SP1 update .

Half way last week i decided to uninstall the Original 777RTM file with the sp1 and 773 and install fresh new downloaded files from my PMDG account wich include SP1 , because i had a thought that it was going to be even  better ... so i downloaded the new files and installed it them...


My first flight , EHAM KIAH ...4 hours into flight , crossing the atlantic at 34000 feet when suddenly ding ding. , i openend proces explorer and my VAS was hitting 4.1, then i got a message saying FSX had to be closed  but didn't say why it need to be  closed and i had to manually close fsx myself .When i closed this message i got  anew mesage saying FSX had run out of memory .


In the beginning after release of the 777RTM i had a few OOM ,on approach to FSD CYVR  but at that time when  i got the OOM warning , my fsx immediately shuts down without saying me i had to close fsx because of OOM , it closed fsx automaticaly , this was the first week after release the 777RTM , since then i lowered my autogen  , reinstalled CYVR with half the texture size and my problems were gone , , on approach to CYVR my VAS never went above 3.4-3.5 .Also i made th change to DX10.


For myself , i can tell that my OOM began after uninstalling  the 777RTM with the sp1 and installing the new downloaded 777 file wich includes the sp1 file .


After i tried the same EHAM KIAH flight over and over again and changing my settings lower  i still got OOM .

I decided to uninstall fsx and because my PC is only for fsx i decided to uninstall windows 7 also.


After installing windows 7 i updated windows 7 until there were no more updates , i installed FSX on a different drive (drive G ) , installed SP1 and SP2  made the DX10 changes and installed ONLY the 777 , not even the 777-300ER  , only the 777 , no other addons not even ASN .


Started a new flight , EHAM KIAH .


On runway 36L  my VAS was 2.2 GB and thought it was ok ,, departed EHAM , over the Nortsea to the Atlantic .2 hours into flight i noticed my VAS had increased allready to 3.1 , even when i was only cruising at 34000 feet ebove the Atlantic with no other scenery in sight , my VAS increased all the time without ever decreasing .4 Hours into flight ding ding  VAS increased to 3.9 and OOM.


I tried a few flight this way , even with the lowest settings in FSX , , taking of EHAM my VAS was always around 2.1 - 2.2 and started to increase after taking off and kept increasing .If you depart EHAM , bound to the USA  after 5 minutes into flight , the only thing you see is sea and ocean until you arrive at the east coast of the US or Canada , so why kept the VAS increase so fast without even decreasing  after take off ???


Yesterday i read somewhere on the net,  dont remeber where , (  EDIT >>>'>



  that a few months ago someone was getting OOM too and tried a differerent nvidia driver  ( 335.23 ) wich reduced the VAS .Now i don't believe  that the nvidia driver could reduce the VAS  but i  made a note of this driver number when i read  this topic .


After all the problms the last days about OOM i was gettng so frustrated that i uninstalled the fresh downloaded 777 file  and installed my old 777RTM file than i installed the seperate SP1 file again  .I also uninstalled my nvidia driver wich was 337.88 , installed the 335.23 drivers and restarted fsx , resetted my settings as before i made the change to the full file including SP1 . All my settings are now  to the right , except autogen wich is set at  normal ,  in the fsx cfg lod is 4.5 wich is default as it has always been


This was done all yesterday  before i went to bed .


Before i went to bed i decided to started once again EHAM KIA , VAS was again 2.1 at EHAM , 3 hours into flight VAS still 2.4.


Just came out of bed , cruising at 40000 feet just before waypoint AEX , starting the descent in a few minutes , looked in proces explorer and ...VAS 2.4 !!!!!!


The whole flight no VAS increase , no stuttering , this is all with the 777RTM file and the seperate SP1 file and the change in driver .


Now as i said before i don't think it has something to do with the driver change but it is strange my problems are gone FOR THIS MOMENT .Next thing i m gonna do after i finished drinked my alleady cold cappucino  is installing the 777-300  and installing the EHAM addon scenery and FSD KIAH and restart the same flight     see what happens then .


I never had any problems ,my problems started after installing the complete 777 with the included SP1 file , now i went back to the 777RTM file and it seems my problems are gone  , i hope ...


Maybe if you are having the same OOM problems yu could trie and go back to the 777RTM file and installing the SP1 file , this worked for me ,maybe in combination with another driver i don't know but i see a difference for me , but like i said just do some other flights before i can be certain bit it might be worth trying .


Bet regards ,



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