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P3Dv2.2 to v2.3 Patch Log Created - Help Needed

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Hi everyone,


Rather than resurrect my previous thread:  ......or add further to it, I thought I should start another on this topic:


Well, believe it or not, I have finally succeeded in the creation of a verbose log file of the failed patch updating process on my setup. The file is 15.5MB in size.


However, I'm no further forward as the log appears to confirm that patching was successful and yet there is still no actual physical evidence that this is in fact true.


The Prepar3D.exe file version remains unchanged at 2.2.10438.0


Here are the last few lines of the log:


=== Logging stopped: 17/08/2014  21:56:36 ===
MSI © (38:1C) [21:56:36:683]: Note: 1: 1728
MSI © (38:1C) [21:56:36:683]: Product: Prepar3D v2 Academic -- Configuration completed successfully.

MSI © (38:1C) [21:56:36:683]: Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: Prepar3D v2 Academic. Product Version: 2.3.11345.0. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin. Reconfiguration success or error status: 0.

MSI © (38:1C) [21:56:36:699]: Grabbed execution mutex.
MSI © (38:1C) [21:56:36:699]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
MSI © (38:1C) [21:56:36:699]: MainEngineThread is returning 0
=== Verbose logging stopped: 17/08/2014  21:56:36 ===



The fact that I have managed to create a log is certainly a step forward and means I no longer have to rely on Lockheed Martin offering to provide support. Gut feeling tells me that this was probably never likely to happen anyway.


So, there is an opportunity here to determine why the patch has in fact failed on my setup and may give a clue as to why others have also been affected in the same way.


Are there any amongst the membership at Avsim who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to examine this file? I have been through it myself as best I can and nothing jumps out. It is a large file and if anyone is prepared to take this on I should warn you it could take some time unless, of course, your familiarity with log files allows you to short circuit the process.


If any of you are willing to offer your help then please post here and we can work out how to get the log file to you. I can provide a link to the file.


Many thanks,


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Thanks Moderators for removing my second post, I believe that somehow the original post was duplicated. I know I did attempt to modify the title but I wonder if, instead, it had more to do with Avsim access these days?


This morning (09:30 UK time) It has taken many attempts before managing to gain access. The '503 Service Unavailable' error kept appearing.


Anyway, thanks again. It would just have been muddling to have had two posts on the same topic.




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