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Possible FPS Drop

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There is no bug, we don't experience this problem and nobody else has reported a similar problem. We disable automatic weather update on startup and manually update the weather once we are ready to fly, are you following the same procedure?


What sim are you using and do you have your very high definition monitors set to max resolution since I know this has caused problems for you before.





You should select whether you want to process GRIB data in the background or not as processing in the foreground will affect FPS during that period which only occurs once a flight and on the ground.


Next you should determine whether your system can handle DHM without any serious FPS loss. If it can't then its up to you whether you disable DHM (which requires the sim to continually adjust the eye point position on the display ... Can require considerable processing if using a high res screen).


If you FPS drop is determined to be nothing to do with DHM or GRIB data processing (only on startup) then the Opus interface is not really doing anything at all, its just sitting there checking when the next update is required.


Of course your system may struggle when there are many cloud layers to display. Again this is down to handling more graphics. If so you could consider turning off the Cloud Associations (OpusFSI) which would then reduce the number of cloud layers slightly.


My guess is it could be your system struggling with handling the screen updates needed to render DHM. If it turns out to be simply handling cloud layers then that is more serious as weather normally requires clouds.


Of course you should never measure FPS drop by simply starting and stopping the FSXSERVER program. You should at least unpause the sim after. Our measured FPS drop is minimal, only noticeable when DHM is fully active on high res displays and around very complex airports or scenery such as Amsterdam.




In summary,


You will see a drop in FPS (with both OpusFSX and OpusFSI) when ...


1. During GRIB data decoding which only is needed once when on the ground.

2. You have DHM active with a high res screen, more noticeable when surrounded by complex scenery or at a complex detailed airport.

3. Your system cannot cope with the cloud layers, more noticeable if you have installed high def cloud textures.

4. On occasions if you have installed your Addons on the same drive as your sim. The sim may occasionally have to wait for disk access on a shared drive.


You can determine for yourself what the reason is. DHM can be disabled via the Addon menu. You can compare performance in flight and on the ground at a complex airport. You can import your own GLOB METAR or inject a clear skies theme to see if the cloud textures are a problem.


Our measurements for OpusFSI under normal flying conditions still show virtually no loss in performance, with a possible 1 or 2 FPS drop when DHM is active. This last measurement being dependent on the screen resolution. Trying to force the sim to update a 3000 x 2000 pixel screen in real time can obviously have an effect.


Regarding all of the above there is no real difference between OpusFSX and OpusFSI. The DHM is the same. The cloud textures are nothing to do with the LWE. The scenery complexity and screen res are the same etc..


So ...


What screen resolution are you trying to get the sim to handle ?

Are you at a complex airport such as Amsterdam or Heathrow ?


Finally, make sure you do not try to gauge your FPS drop by shutting down the FSISERVER. Your sim will be in pause mode then and you will always see an FPS increase. I unpause mine and see hardly any change with FSISERVER running or stopped. As I said only DHM into a high res screen will cause an FPS drop ... the sim is working much harder after all trying to adjust the screens view ... more noticeable at complex airports as its got to work even more there.


Stephen :-)

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OpusFSI DHM ...


If it proves to be the DHM being used on a high res screen you could try adjusting the DHM Delay factor in the bottom right of the DHM dialog. Increase the delay to fine tune your DHM so that the head movements are still smooth (use the test checkboxes) and the FPS drop is minimised. There's a chance that slowing down the DHM may reduce any FPS drop even at complex airports. Just a thought.



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OK, don't forget to have a tweak of the DHM Delay, if it makes no difference then just put it back to 0.


Stephen :-)

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