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Landing light toggle opening rear Door

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icon1.png Landing light toggle opening rear Door

Hey guys, I've downloaded a great 737 2D panel and merged it with another Aircraft. Everything works Flawlessly I've even managed to get the VC gauges to work properly by Entering the VC entries from the backed up Panel Cfg into the newly shared 2D panel's Cfg

The problem here is when toggeling the Overhead panel's takeoff/landing light switch to the on position when performing the before takeoff checklist the rear door opens and when switching them to the off position the rear door does the opposite. This may be a stupid question with a simple answer but I'm totally confused as to why this is happening. I've merged this panel with other freeware Aircrafts and this problem doesn't occur. Obviously the switch is somehow controlling the rear door is there a way to prevent this.
I simply (Alias) the Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800w Aircraft Panel along with the Sounds with the Simmer's Sky 737 Then copied the VC Entries from the Backed up Simer's Sky Panel.cfg into the Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800w Panel.cfg to get the VC guages to work on the Simmer's Sky 737.
Everything Works except when switching the Takeoff/landing lights switch... The rear Door on the left side opens with the Takeoff/Landing Lights Toggle.


It also acts up in the VC wich confuses me, i dint think it would effect the VC...... i did install some VC textures wich Includes gauges from the 'Air Scheffel' Boeing 737-800 that someone else had made for this aircraft File Name (sms737_vc.zip) in the Library here apart from the Merge Alias i have done. 

This addon has new Guages i believe.......Perhaps this is the Culprit (the aircraft itself doesnt have a very realistic 2D panel with realistic features which is why I've Alias the Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800w Aircraft 2D Panel

The description to this file I've added (sms737_vc.zip) before the panel merge Reads the following

(FS2004 Overland/SMS Boeing 737 VC Textures. Modified virtual cockpit textures and gauges for the payware Overland/SMS Boeing 737-700 and B737-800. Includes gauges from the 'Air Scheffel' Boeing 737-800 panel available here at AS738.ZIP By Aurelio Te)

The funny thing is i don't recall it acting up before or perhaps i dint take notice.... I know that when the Toggle switch is on i don't see the Landing lights turning on wich lead me to believe the SMS model probably does not have Landing lights build into it not sure.

I did Alais the Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800w Aircraft Panel with the 50 North Payware i had previously and the Landing lights work just fine

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Hey! Garciamk3g ,

Have you solved the problems meanwhile with merging 2 aircraft, the scheffel B737-800 and the Simmers Sky 737?

I'm searching a similar solution, because I love the Scheffel one, but I mis a VC. So I was already some time searching for a solution, but cannot find an acceptable and well working combination.

Please, can you inform me about your best results.

Thanks on forehand.

Jive1 - Belgium

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