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  1. Hey! I have since not so long ago a new computer, some of the specs are as follows: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz RAM 16.0 GB 64-bits system x64-processor It definitely is a good computer for flightsimming. Alltough; it stops working from time to time, and then shows one of following messagaes - Your computer has run out of available memory.... It mostly happens when a flight takes some pause, and the image remains same during a certain time, I can see at such moments throuhj my task manager tyhat the used memory goes up without any changes in the flights image. Can anybody explain me what the origine of this error could be? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
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    FS9 stops from time to time

    Thank you, Ian! Jive1 - Belgium
  3. Jive1

    why sbow?

    I fly FS9 since 2004. I've never before seen snow in Europe at mid summer. Now I see snow at various places, and that is not Always, just at unexpected places and moments. See the picture below and that is an example of such a place
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    Weather for FS9

    Hey! I'm almost desperately searching for a good working weather program, like Activesky. This latter stopped working ubder Windows 10. So I'm searching for a similar result program, that wordks well for FS9 under Windows 10. I've tested several ones, but none works completely well. Without a weather engine FS9, this is what I"m still flying on, is only half as nice as with a good working weather engine program. Who knows what I should do? Greetz Jive1 - Bemgium
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    Weather for FS9

    Hey! Thanks fot the advise. I just want to keep my present means, an excellent modern computer, Windows 10, FS9, because they give me full satisfaction, but only the weather is what ennois me, that is far from good! I tested several weather programs, but all do they miss one or another item. I'm now looking for a, best is freeware, weatherprogram that gives also satisfaction like Activesky did before…. Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
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    FS2004 Belgian Airports Scenery Query

    Hey! I'm also still using FS9, I'm Belgian, I have all airports of Belgium, and I think I can help you with freeware sceneries of Belgian airports working well in FS9... Can we communicate via personal emailaddresses? I personally also need advise on Activesky or any other weather program for FS9 working well. Let me have your personal address... Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
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    AI aircraft

    Hey! What makes an AI aircraft following the planned way? I have an ai aircraft that does not follow the planned way, but just keeps on flying straight away and dis appering at last. Jive1 - Belgium
  8. Het! Why woufd an AI aircraft suddenly desappear instead of start taxiing to the rinway? I made an AI flightplan for a b737 and it never starts a flight but always suddenly desappears. Why could that be? I don't see here why or what I did wrong... Jive1 - Belgium
  9. Hey! I've been using EVP during very long time, and it worked fine. Now I had to re-install EVP because of a crash and I've lost the program. However... The program EsitVoicepack31.zip refuses to install again. It beeds the .NRT Framewords 3.5 and the program nor myself can find a goed installing MS .NET Frameword 3.5 Original. Can anybody inform me what I should do in order to re-install EVP without problems? Jive1 - Belgium
  10. Thank you Himmelhorsee! Unfortunately my Evp version is v3.1. That seems to be a very old version, and it does not contain any folder.... Where can I find that EVP version about which you are talking? Greetz Jive1 - belgium
  11. Hey! Good day, Is there anybody who can explain Why some tree textures in my FS2004 scenery EBLG made by Papy31 are missing and show wrongly? I've tried many things to make these textures visible, but did not succeed. Please tell me what could be the origin of this defect. Jive1 - Belgium
  12. Hey! Still in FS2004, with Windows 10, I downloaded and installed Hunter_Blue_Diaamonds.zip. During flight at speed below 250 it shakes violently. Can somebody advise me what to do to undo that shaking? Jive1 - Belgium
  13. Hey! I created an AI flightplan for the AlphaSIM Hawker Hunter. Now two questions 1° How can I make that the aircraft is not flying just straight away, but so that it follows the direction as planned? 2° How can I turn off the white smoke that comes from the outer wing tips, which I expect to see only at high speed, and not already when the aircraft starts moving at departure and when it is taxiing towards the runway? Jive1 - Belgium
  14. Sorry, Th flightplan is OK. I know for sure. The aircraft like I have now, with John's air-file, flies the plan, except when landing... Right before landing it dives down and it just crashes into the ground a few miles before the runway. Besides, a flightplan from MAIW is not what I want, I want , and i did, make an al flightplan that shows the route in Belgium, but the problem that I just told is interfering. I need a good air-file to fly my own flightplan; Jive1 - Belgium
  15. OK, but... I've experimented with 4 different Hunter are-files that I found on the FS-internet, and they were all different; I mean they all gave different results. There was not one single of them that ended really at the destination airport, all showed some mistakes. I will have to try other air-files as well, till I find one that will be OK for this job. Why did they all show different results? Can I modify something in aicraft.cfg and/or the air-file to have better results? Jive1 - Belgium
  16. Hey! Indeed, no, It does not arrive at destination airport. I realise, in fact it is not ab AI aircraft, but I dismanteled it so that is becomes an AI aircraft, exception made for the settings in both aircraft.cfg and air-file. I think that should work. However, will;should it work so? What is actually the difference between a regular and a AI aircraft? Is there a difference in settings in aircraft.cfg and/or the air-file? Jive1 - Belgium
  17. Hey! I've solved myself the first problem of the smoke coming out at the wingtips. It cab be switched off in the arcraft.cfg. But the second problem is still there, the plane just flies straight away without any heading modification. In my case it should go to west, whereas it is flying right the opposite way now to the east. I don't see nothing which could be altered as to fly to the right directions... Jive1 - Belgium
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    Hey! I have been using AirEdit since long time for modifying the air-files of aircraft that I intended to use as AI-aircraft. Since a short time the program refuses to modify these files. That is a problem to me.... Could the reason why it refuses be that I use now Windows 10? PLease somebody let me know a solution for modifying my air-files.
  19. Jive1


    http://Thank you, Bursco, But I just downloaded the NewAirEd file, and when I use it, it does neighter do modify the air-file, same result as the other AirEdit Jive1 - Belgium
  20. Hey! I just added some new AI aircraft from WOAI ( woa_bmiregional_v2.zip ) with 2 aircraft AI Malcontent ERJ135 and ERJ145. So far no problem. I installed aircraft, flightplans exactly same way as I did for lots of other WOAI aircraft, but only these two aircraft do not show in my AI-traffic, whereas all other WOAI AI aircraft show as they have been installed. What could be a possible reason why these two WOAI aircraft do not show? I checked any possible mistake that I could have made when installing them.... Jive1 - Belgium
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    Hey! I'm re-installing my FS2004 system, and I see that many of the sceneries don't show the right coastlines, e.g. some islands of the Caribean just show tiles, squares, and not the real coastlines... How can I make these coastlines correct? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
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    Mouse problem

    Hey! My AFX-pointer no longer works together with my FS9 screen. When I want to change an AI aircraft from one to another place, one can normally do that by clicking to let the airccraft jump to the new place... Well, since a couple of days that does no longer work. What can be thet reason why the mousepointer no longer works together with the FS9 aircraft? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
  23. Hey! Is it possible to view AI-aircraft in Towerview mode? How to do so? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
  24. Hey! Is it possible to view AI-aircraft in Towerview mode? How to do so? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
  25. Hey! I had to reinstall my FS9, due to a sudden crash, That was a few weeks ago. Since that time I have my FS9 "pausing" while I am doeing something in another application; whatever if it only is not an addon of FS9 coupled with FS9. It may be Explorer or EXcel or mailprogram, everytime when I come back to FS9, it is paused, even when in the FS9.CFG there is mentioned "Pause_on_lost_focus=0". I have no idea where to go looking to repair that error. Does anybody know what it can be? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium