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New Monitor for FSX

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry if you've read a question like this a billion times but I still cant decide after reading countless pages of avsim posts so I'm going to ask this again. I am in the market for a new monitor for FSX. I've done research but still have no clue where to start or what to look for. Should I be worried about the refresh rates and response times or resolution and size? I've looked at triple 24 inch to single 34" but I'm stuck. Can anyone suggest a monitor or tell me what they use? I don't really have a budget but I'd like if it was under $1000.

Main Specs:
i5 4670k
Asus Direct CUii OC GeForce GTX 780ti 3gb
8gb of G.skill sniper RAM
Samsung 120gb SSD

Currently a HPL1706 17"



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