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  1. Hi Everyone, Sorry if you've read a question like this a billion times but I still cant decide after reading countless pages of avsim posts so I'm going to ask this again. I am in the market for a new monitor for FSX. I've done research but still have no clue where to start or what to look for. Should I be worried about the refresh rates and response times or resolution and size? I've looked at triple 24 inch to single 34" but I'm stuck. Can anyone suggest a monitor or tell me what they use? I don't really have a budget but I'd like if it was under $1000. Main Specs: i5 4670k Asus Direct CUii OC GeForce GTX 780ti 3gb 8gb of G.skill sniper RAM Samsung 120gb SSD Currently a HPL1706 17" Thanks, Tom
  2. tommo990

    Rex 4 not loading textures

    About 30 minutes ago. So do I need to wait?
  3. tommo990

    Rex 4 not loading textures

    It says: "Sorry we couldn't find that" even though I have made an account. Wierd
  4. Hi everyone, Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm having an issue with Rex 4. I bought it a while ago, but I've recently done a re-install of FSX. I picked my theme on REX but it doesn't seem to be loading the textures into the sim. Any idea's on why this could be? If you need any info just ask! Thanks, Tom