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Question about my specs on a Asus G74sx

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Hey guys, I have a question about my Asus G74sx. My specs are 


CPU-Intel® Core™ i7 2630QM Processor

GPU-Nvidia Geforce GTX 560m 2gbs


Ram- DDR3 8GBS


Operating system- Windows 7 64 bit


storage 750 gb ssd


I have been playing fsx for a while with my asus. I get about 20-25 FPS on ultra high settings in small airports but it really dips down when i am at KMCO or KBOS. I was wondering if i could increase fps in these areas without losing graphics. 


                                          Thanks, John!

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First off, we need to know what addons you use, if any.


Second, if you're going to get addons, there's no way you'll be able to play FSX at ultra settings (there's pretty much no computer that can  :P ). I recommend these settings:

LOD Radius: high or medium

Mesh Complexity: 50 to 70-ish

Mesh Res: 19m

Texture Res: 1m

Water; Low 2x or high 1x

land detail: optional

Scenery complexity and autogen density: dense or normal

Weather > Cloud draw distance 60mi

And experiment with your traffic settings (but remove all road traffic)

DX10 is optional. On some systems (like mine) in improves FPS, but on others, it lowers it.


Then, if you're a lazy man like me, go to this website and let it configure your FSX config file:

After it configures your config file, remove these 2 lines:


You may also have to experiment with the "bufferpools" tweak. It may increase your fps or cause stuttering.


There are also some graphic enhancing addons that increase your FPS. One is Real Environment Xtreme (REX). It makes the clouds, sky, and water look amazing and also has a weather program that's pretty good. There's also Ground Environment X which basically increases the resolution of ground textures and may increase your FPS. I highly recommend it. For AI, you can use World of AI (which is free). It adds a TON of immersion to the game and actually increased FPS probably because the planes have less polygons than the default AI. Lastly, there's also the FSX Fiber Accelerator. On my PC, it raises it about 4-7fps, which is pretty damn amazing if you ask me.


Hope this helps!  :BigGrin:

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Ok thank you very much!! The addons i use is PMDG 737, A2A piper Cherokee and C172. I use taxi2gate Orlando intl, Fly tampa Princess Juliana, And Fly tampa Logan. And also REX. Thanks John 

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