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Posky corrupt aircraft.cfg empty weight???

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In working with the Posky 757's and 767's, If I am not mistaken (which is always a possibility), I believe that I have found that the data entry in the aircraft.cfg files for empty weight is the max zero fuel weight NOT, empty weight.I would respectfully suggest the following for anyone interested in spec. data for just about any Boeing aircraft: I will use the Boeing 757-200 as my example (although many others are included):1. Do a Google search for "boeing 757".2. Click on and open "Boeing 757 Family Sitemap".3. Click on and open "technical specs" (Top of page) NOTE: DO NOT USE THE SPECS DISPLAYED IN THIS WINDOW. GO TO THE NEXT STEP. You will find that the detailed data included in the following matches just about all of the Posky data. This window does not.4. Click on and open "Detail Product Information" You will note that when this window opens, you have just about any Boeing Bird listed, not just 757's.5. Click on and open "757"6. Click on and open "2.0 Airplane Description". Here full data will be displayed on the 757-200. You will note that the empty weight specified is 136,940 pounds, NOT 188,000 pounds as Posky has entered in the "empty weight". As confirmed by Posky in their general section of the aircraft.cfg, the 188,000 figure is max zero fuel weight. With the 188,000 figure, if you load the aircraft with the maximum payload specified, you will find that you cannot carry one ounce of fuel. Edited to the spec figure, you are in the 90% range of fuel carrying capability.Posky has done a dandy job if this is the only mistake. I have edited most of my aircraft to spec data, and many are completely out of the ballpark with their data.Hope this helps somebody somewhere.Happy flying:RTH

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