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Aerosoft sceneries

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Good evening, I was wondering whether there was anyway to remove all the buildings/terminals from the aerosoft scenery so it'll just leave the runway and taxi ways textures.

Is this possible? If so, how?

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In principle it could work (note: COULD, no guarantee), but it leaves the question why you would want that.

Sceneries usually consist of two folders, one called "scenery", the other one "texture". In the "scenery" folder, there are files that tell FSX where to place which object, so renaming them (e.g. put ".bak" behind the actual file extension, which would usually be ".bgl") whould make them inactive. Most of hte time the files have self-explanatory names, so you know what you deactivate when changing their file extension.

However, sometimes the files do not only contain information about buildings (or other static objects like trees, container stacks etc.), but at the same time also about the placement of ground (read: "surface") objects, which would cause issues.


Never, repeat NEVER remove or worse: delete any files you do not know for certain what they do! And again, I don't understand what purpose this might serve, if the scenery is too taxing, I'd honestly stick with the default or perhaps an updated AFCAD as IMO that looks alot less weird than a an airport scenery without buidlings. And if performance isn't an issue, I see even less reason to attempt such things.


Best regards,

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